Monday, October 25, 2010

The End of Autumn

November seems to have snuck up on me. Granted it's not November yet, but it feels like it.

I know most people consider November to be part of autumn, but I count it as part of winter since the last few leaves are shed early in November, and towards the end of the month the snow starts to come. It just doesn't feel like autumn to me.

So, here's to winter! I can't wait for the snow! (Though I am wondering where I'll take my photos if my yard is covered in snow. Good thing I have a couple months to ponder that before the snow gets deep... O.o)

Outfit Details:
Tee shirt - So...
Gold Locket - Plato's Closet
Jeans - So...
Boots - Charlotte Russe
Jacket - The Bee's Knees (local reasale shop)
Purse - H&M
Flower pin - Charlotte Russe


  1. Love the jacket! Where has fall gone? Most days here it's still been hot and I know soon I'm going to wake up to a freezing cold day. At least winter clothes are cute enough to kinda make up for it!

  2. I love the zipper detail on that jacket!! Great find. And we are covered in leaves right now, I will be sad when they're all gone :)

  3. The END of autumn already? Oh dear, I 'm still trying to get my autumn wardrobe together!
    Pretty, atmospheric pictures, and I like your bag!

  4. This looks so winterish 8-D You are making me long for snow. Very nice, once again! 8-D you are so very pretty and so good at putting things together

  5. wow! It really does get colder there faster. Honestly most of our trees have just turned colors. And today it was suposed to be a high of 82. It hasn't reached that though, thankfully :) I like your outfit btw!! Anyway, I have to finish a little bit of school, then it's off for a bike ride to the park! I'll get at least 4 miles in today :) talk to you later!!

  6. I see another Dahl in the comment section... lol. I am from MD, but my extended family is from PA. How about you? I have a cousin named Katie too :)

  7. Yes, the snow is so beautiful !
    I love the color of your bag !

  8. cute little flower on the purse!


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