Monday, July 2, 2012


1. "Green tea" from Panera. Glorified limeade I say.
2. Me, getting my baking groove on in my amazing Iron Man apron. Thank you, little sis for that birthday gift!
3. I may or may not have left this note in the container at the bank drive-thru...
4. This week I've become addicted to Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra cartoons.
5. My new Sky Sailing shirt came this week and I painted my nails to match it.
6. Maddie made doughnuts for breakfast. Two words: Ah. Mazing.
7. #ilovepink tag. It was fun, even if it took me forever to get it finished. It was worth it.
8. My new sparkly heels for with my graduation dress.
9. Me looking patriotic for the Independence Day parade yesterday.

1. Eternity // Paul Van Dike featuring Owl City
2. The Avengers Theme // Alan Silvestri
3. Hidden Away // Josh Groban
4. Northbound Train // Martin Phipps

1. You can read my thoughts on this song in my Music Monday post back in April.   
2. I love this song so much. I sorta forgot about it for weeks, but when Miss Jack and I started planning one last trip to the theaters to see the Avengers, I remembered it. Omgsh it's so epic.  
3. Another great song I've rediscovered. It's one of those great "summer" songs for me. Probably since I first started liking in the very beginning of summer when I went to Alabama with Miss Jack.  
4. Another soundtrack song from one of my favorite movies that I'd forgotten! I rediscovered it the other night when I was looking for some good music to listen to before bed, and let me tell you: this is one of the sweetest sounding songs ever. If you haven't seen North & South before, I wrote a whole post on why you should.


  1. Oh my! Katie, reading this makes me soooo excited to see you in FIVE days!!!!!

    Haha, and Avatar reminds me soo much of -- I think it was 3 summers back -- when we watched the first Avatar one with you guys and Maddie and Anna made cookies. :)

    Oh, and I shall hopefully post pictures on my blog this evening or tomorrow morning taken with my new camera! :D Oh, and btw, his name is RH. :)

    ooh!! and I CAN'T wait for the ren faire!! I fear my camera shan't be put away the whole time we're there.

    Northbound Train is beautiful! (The first part of my enormously large comment that has anything to do with your post.)

    Love you much, and can't wait to see you! <3

    ~Queen Flora of Hanaskea

  2. haha The Doctor would be pride of you or should i say River ;)

    love, Audrey

  3. I am glad you call me Miss Jack, I am getting tired of being mistaken for a boy even though I splatter everywhere I am a girl.

    YOUVE SEEN NORTH AND SOUTH?!!! AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME?! I bet you like Thornton, just a hunch.

    Can Indiana come? He said he'd even be willing to don a dress...probably red. he is begging, he says he will miss me and wants you to hold him.

    You should join the agents and write Coulson Lives everywhere.

  4. You look totally gorgeous girl! I've been wanting to do the color tag on Instagram too! I'm just now sure where to start, lol!

  5. Your instagram is gorgeous! I love that photo of you with the retro makeup and hair :)
    xx Maria
    P.S: I added you to my reading list! <33


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