Monday, July 16, 2012


1. Wearing my Jeffery Campbell knockoffs with a Molly Marie original.  
2. This is what I wore for a day of blog work + TV. Score!   
3. My wingtip eyeliner actually turned out for once!

1. Way to Mandalay // Blackmore's Night
2. Galaxies // Owl City
3. Ghost of a Rose // Blackmore's Night

1. This song always reminds me of the summers I spent in Missouri, and the renaissance faire. We listened to it lots in apprehension of going back to the ren faire this past Saturday. 
2. This song has been coming up on shuffle lots and I'm not going to complain!
3. This is another song that reminds me of Missouri/the ren faire, so of course we've been listening to it lots, as well!

Sorry this post is a bit short! I've not really been paying attention to what music I listen to, or taking many instagram pics since I've had company! Next week's Lately post should be longer.

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  1. I saw that fabric at Hobby Lobby and thought it was so adorable. And those shoes are a great color.


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