Monday, July 30, 2012

Lately {Pyrex and Tangled}

1. Lots of casual outfits this past week (tee shirt not pictured).
2. It's a big hat day! (Big hat courtesy of Maddie.)
3. A pretty graduation present from my aunt in California!
4. Got to spend a lot of quality time with this little cutey this week!
5. Pretzel roll + half an eclair + half a brownie + an Izzy soda = perfect snack.
6. New dress! Thrifted this beaut for just $6! It'll be perfect for my uncle's wedding this autumn.
7. Spent some hard earned cash on makeup this week! (clockwise: L'Oreal
8. My mustache key chain. Can't believe I haven't photographed it before now!
9. Saturday night Molly and I spent an hour skyping + going through our Pyrex collections. After putting aside the pieces for her + the ones to get rid of, my collection fits in ONE box!

1. Only Hope // Mandy Moore
3. Home // Ok Sweetheart

1. This song was recommended to me by a friend early in the week and I just love it! It's such a lovely song. ♥
2. Listening to Only Hope by Mandy Moore made me want to listen to When Will My Life Begin - so I did. It's just such a fun song! And I mean, seriously, who can help but like all the Tangled songs??
3. I found this song through Beth's blog, and I love it so much! I've baked chocolate chip cookies twice in the past week (don't you judge me!) and both times I listened to this song. Also, I'm longing for kitchen like that! All the Pyrex and a gorgeous Kitchen Aid mixer?? *swoons*


  1. i love that little mustache keychain! and that dress is so pretty.

    have a great week :D

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  2. lovely photos <3 i smiled to see you've been listening to ok sweetheart too, i put that song on again earlier while i did some housework and it really helped... so cheerful! your blog is so so pretty by the way. i hope you have a good week :) xx

  3. Picture number 5 made me hungry. *runs to kitchen*

  4. Only Hope was in A Walk To Remember! :D I hope you watch that movie!
    mmm i like your instagrams too! i want those sweets in number 5...

  5. I didn't know Only Hope was the song you were listening too so much. I like that song, it is pretty, slightly sad sounding.

  6. Hahahhaa. I have the entire Tangled soundtrack ;) I shamlessly sing to it at the top of my lungs in the car! How can you not!? Right?

  7. I liked your pictures 8-D

    And 2051 is a long time away. I can come back from Mars before it...BUT THE DOCTOR WILL BE THERE AND I CAN KEEP HIM FROM DYING! I'm so going.


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