Monday, July 9, 2012


1. One many reasons I love shopping on Etsy - gorgeous packaging!
2. Gluing mustaches onto stripped straws while video chatting with the lovely Lauren. ♥
3. A little reminder for me during a busy next couple weeks.
4. We done did have a par-tay!
5. One of my favorite parts of the party. Everything looks just like I imagined it!
6. My cousin bought wrapping paper that matched my cupcake wrappers! And she didn't even mean to!

1. Sh-Boom // The Chords
2. Dementia // Owl City
3. Good Time // Owl City and Carly Ray Jensen
4. I've God a Dream // Tangled Soundtrack

1. Love love love this song! Makes me feel like a sock-hop gal from the 50's. ♥
2. One of my favorite songs from Owl City's new EP. Upbeat and peppy with some great electronic sounds!
3. I know I included this song in one of my Lately posts a few weeks ago, but I'm still listening to it! It's just such a great song.
4. This song came up on my iPod when Miss Jack, Molly, Anna and my little sis and I were on the way home from the movies tonight. So what else do you expect four teenagers and twenty-something to do but start singing along at the top of their lungs??


  1. that pretty pictures!
    the straws! ñ.ñ
    kisses from:

  2. Meepers, I had such a good time chatting with you the other day, as well! Always a pleasure beautiful miss. ♥

  3. That playlist is so great! Those cupcake wrappers are so cute. Im a bit addicted to those.


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