Monday, July 23, 2012

Lately {My Superhero Obsession}

 1. My kitty found the one spot of sunshine in the room for her nap.
2. You can't tell very well in this picture, but for some reason the front two sections of my hair decided to straighten out that day. It was weird.
3. Finally got me some more fro yo. I wish Tutti Frutti wasn't 45min away. *sadface*
4. I took Maddie to see the midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises for a late birthday present - I went as Cat Woman!
5. I don't care what else he's ever in, Jeremy Renner will always be Hawkeye to me. ♥
6. Attended a second wedding as an assistant photographer on Friday.
7. Chillin' out with Owl City on my way to said wedding.

1. Shoot to Thrill // AC/DC
2. Live to Rise // Soundgarden
3. Good Time // Owl City and Carly Rae Jensen
4. The Avengers Theme // Alan Silvestri

1. This song is featured in Iron Man 2 - at the beginning of the Stark Expo. It's not something I would usually listen to, but now that it's associated with one of my favorite movies, it sorta has good memories attached to it. ♥
2. This is another song I wouldn't normally listen to, but every time I hear it I'm back in the dark theater waiting for the credits to roll before the special, after-credits-scene in the Avengers. Again, good memories can make all the difference. ♥
3. Yes, this song is still on my playlist. What can I say? I'm consistent. 
4. Seeing the Dark Knight Rises made me realize just how much I love the Avengers. Therefore, this song is making a comeback on my playlist.

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