Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wish List Wednesday // Winter Coats

Confession: I have three winter coats. A bit puffy white one that I don't like much, a fuchsia pea coat with a belt in the middle, and a big blue pea coat that's too big for me. I love my pea coats, but the blue one is too big and the fuchsia one is so bright, and sometimes I want a more neutral colored coat. And the fact that I'll hopefully be visiting friends in Wyoming (aka the "winter wasteland") in March, and a warm winter coat will be necessary for survival makes a perfect excuse to get one!

These are some of my favorite coats from ModCloth. I just adore the first three - especially the third one. I think that one just might be my favorite. Which one is your favorite?


  1. I'm a bit of a cape-whore.... so number 4 has put stars in my eyes! But since it and number 3 have a similar hue of yellow- you can't go wrong either way!


  2. I think I like the red one the best. It's so lovely! Although the navy one is pretty too. I know what you mean about coats-I have only one, because where I it's only cold for a month or two :'( Oh well!


  3. Katie, oh my goodness I adore all of these coats. I'm absolutely smitten and I just might have to get one of them, haha, or all. I'm on the hunt for a new jacket!! Thank you so much for this lovely inspiration. Hope your week is lovely. xo veronika

  4. I like red one, reminds me of Darcy. I like the tan one too. But the yellow one, that is a 99 coat! GET IT!!!! That'd be SUCH fun!!!
    Winter Wasteland?! NO!! Whatever gave you THAT idea?!

    A Bit Unlikely,


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