Monday, October 17, 2011

Last Time Without Tights...

{dress//Red Dress Shoppe :: white skirt//thrifted :: belt//H&M :: socks//H&M :: flower clip//H&M :: shoes//Blowfish Shoes}

My great, great grand aunt moved into assisted living earlier this summer. Shortly after moving into her new apartment Maddie and I fount this lovely little path through a nature preserve behind her house. Since then it's become a tradition for us to go explore and take some outfit pictures every time we go visit her. These pictures are from the last time we did.

I got the belt early this spring before my trip, but the hair clip and socks I got the weekend my mom and I spent in Chicago. We stopped at the new Topshop, but it was too expensive for my taste. I could have sworn I heard some blogs raving about how affordable it is, but I must have heard wrong! I had looked online before, but I thought that was just the dollars to euros conversion, but it's not. The stuff in the store was just as expensive as the stuff online. Oh well, I'll just stick to my lovely indie designers like Red Dress Shoppe and Blowfish shoes - which suites me fine.  ♥


  1. Beautiful little pathway! There is a place like that by my house too. I love your dress, and your shoes and socks look really cute together :)

  2. I love this dress. Your photos are beautifully taken x


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