Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vintage Pyrex Haul // Thrifty Thursdays


  1. "I'm sorry, I can't come to dinner. I just opened a yogurt. What? Cassorale? Oh, that's my favorite kind. Oh, no. It's the kind with fruit on the bottom. I'm in for the night."

    Your hair can't look terrible. That's like, impossible. And, MAKE THE OTHER VIDEO.
    That is all.

    A Bit Unlikely,

  2. Thanks to you, I am in love with pyrex now :D I must find some more :)

    Oh and guess what? I just got a REAL hope chest!! *is ecstatic*

    Oh, and I'll try to post on my blog starting this next week, if I can. I'm missing some pictures, so when they are taken, I can post. :)

    I love you! *hugs*

    Your Fellow Thrift-Store Shopper,
    Molly <3

  3. I am so in love with that first picture. Holy cow, girl.
    Also, great shoes (:


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