Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thrifting Haul Part 2

So here it is! The second part to my video thrifting haul. I had so much fun making these videos that I think I am going to make it a regular feature! What do you all think of that? Comment and tell me your thoughts!


    In other words, cool dresses. 8-D If I was there I would make you borrow my Percy sandles to wear with the Greek dress.
    Oh, and rompers are very 99 and Mrs. Peel - ish.
    Do more videos!
    That is all.
    Miss Jack

  2. I like the videos!

    I don't think the wedges are too casual for the dress - in fact, I think they would look great with it. I think black pumps are a little too formal and would take away from the beautiful, breezy, elegant style Grecian dresses have.

  3. For the Grecian dress I am thinking some sandals like ( ) except cuter.

    - s

  4. I love hearing your cute voice!!!! you're so sweet. I love all your thingies you got. that basket rocks.

  5. I think the dress needs some gold sandals with a gold bangle. Maybe some high heeled sandals, so as to not be too casual. Great finds!! I love thrifting so much! Its fun seeing what other people find.


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