Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Romantic Adventure

Saturday night my family went to Ravina Festival to see Joshua Bell preform with an orchestra. my two littlest sisters and my mother are big fans of Joshua Bell - my oldest little sister, Maddie, and I, are not so much. We were more interested in picnicking and walking around taking pictures of the grounds. Here's some of the pictures from that night:
Those last two were taken by my father
Maddie went with me to get some outfit shots before walking around the grounds.I love the almost double exposure look of this one Maddie took. <3
We both just happened to have travel tooth brushes in our purses! And Maddie even had a travel size tooth paste! So, naturally, we just had to use them. *winks*{skirt/thrifted ~ tank/my moms ~ belt/thrifted ~ shoes/H&M ~ hat/H&M ~ necklace/vintage ~ picnic basket/thrifted}

Laying in the dusk air. *sighs* It was so peaceful. I wasn't very keen on going to a classical concert (I'm not really a fan) but Ravina is such a different place than I was expecting, that it made it fun. I think all the coolest people in my area go there. I saw so many girls there with lovely senses of style! I even saw a group that had tables set up with with table clothes over them and candles sitting on top. Several of the girls in the group were wearing maxi dresses (one was this lovely shade of pink). It all looked so elegant! Needless to say, I enjoyed it tons and cannot wait to go back in August!


  1. What a cute skirt! You look lovely!
    You're being home schooled? That sounds AMAZING!

  2. I loved this post!! :D First of all, your hair is sooo beautiful -- and it's getting longer! Secondly, I love the picture of you and Maddie brushing your teeth -- it's sooo cute! Thirdly, I LOVE your outfit!!! I love the shades of green, and the floral skirt -- and the hat makes it perfect.

    Oh that sounds so fun -- the table with the table cloth and candles and the girls in maxi dresses :)

    Well I'll be home before we know it, and then we shall have fun and get together. :) I'm sure you shall have a great time tomorrow :D <3 <3 Give her a hug for me! :)

    I love you, and miss you tons!! <3 <3 <3

    Ta ta,

  3. I can't believe more people haven't commented on this post. :P So I thought I'd comment again, just to say, "Hi" and to make the post say "3" in the comment section. :D hehehe!

    Anyway, have lots and lots of fun these next couple weeks!! <3

    Ever yours,

  4. beautiful. what book was being read in the one shot? Love entries like this to see about family life!!


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