Monday, July 25, 2011

Bow Ties are Cool

"Dress everyday like you'd run way with the Doctor in those clothes."

I have a confession to make. I have become a huge Doctor Who fan girl. But really, what girl couldn't help but loving a guy who travels through space and time, has great hair, awesome style, a hilarious sense of humor and uncommonly casual shoes to be worn with a suit and tie??
Anyway, about this outfit. I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago when Heather was visiting. We spent every night she was here watching Doctor Who, and, being the nerdy fan girl I am, I decided to base and entire outfit around The Doctor. Voila! The bow tie isn't exactly from my favorite Doctor (David Tennant is, in my opinion, the best Doctor the world has ever known) but - well, I agree with Matt Smith. "Bow ties are cool." *grins*

{dress/thrifted ~ shoes/my little sisters (from Target) ~ belt/H&M ~ bow tie necklace/made by me}

The shoes, however, are from my favorite Doctor. He always wears Converses (except for his white pair, they might be Vans - I can't tell). He has several pairs - red, black and white - that he always wears with his suits and ties and long tan trench coats. I'm hoping to get a trench coat this autumn. When I go fan girl I go full fan girl!


  1. Really that is the cutest dress! I love the bow tie : )

  2. Bow ties are cool and you look adorable!

  3. I love the whole outfit! Everything looks perfect together!

    I'm glad to see you back to blogging!

  4. I am officially your new biggest fan! I recently stumbled across your blog and I love it! You're inspiring and your style is magnificent. Also, I too am a Doctor Who fanatic, and David Tennant is my fave :D

  5. Out of the three newer doctors, I prefer Tennant as well. He was the best of the three. I feel kinda badly that Christopher Eccleston only had one season, because he was good.

    Anyway, you look adorable.

  6. There were spiders by that fence, just so you know.
    My Doctor is the best, come now, admit it 8-D.
    And, what else can I say...except, I WAS THERE! HA! 8-D That was fun, but you wore me out that day.
    Miss you. 8-( A LOT.

  7. I adore the dress and the bow tie is really sweet :) You are looking lovely x

  8. Gahh, this is too pretty! What a dainty dress and it looks perfect with the little ow tie :D

  9. Dr who is an awesome show.
    Cutest outfit ever, you pull of that bow tie so well!

  10. Ah I have been fangirl-ing out as well! My nights consist of me, my cat, and the doctor, courtesy of netflix instant watch. David Tennant is also my favorite. I love how this outfit has inspiration from multiple doctors but also your own twist! so cute!

  11. awesome thrifted dress! and what a quirky addition the bow tie is... :)

    i've never gotten into doctor who...but i know so many people who love maybe i will!

    xx elanor

  12. Bow ties are incredibly cool and I just love how you paured converse with such a feminine dress. :) Adds a new dimension, it really does.


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