Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wish List Wednesday - Modcloth Dresses

Ever since my friend Christina introduced me to Modcloth I have wanted to get a Modcloth dress. I still have yet to get one, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about it. :)

Acorn-ucopia Dress: I am trying to start wearing more colors - not just black, gray, white and pink. I have decided that I could easily do a darker blue like this dress. I really love it. The print is just so unique, and it is long enough for me - which is rare, especially on Modcloth. I would probably get it if it wasn't over a$100.

Shake Things Up Dress: This dress is a little odd, but I just love it. I would be so fun to accessorize. I only wish the ruffles were in the back, too. This is another dress that if it weren't for the price I would buy. <3

Grenadine Lemonade Dress: This dress would have me feeling like Emma Woodhouse all day, and the soft pink color is one of my favorites. <3>

Relevé Dress: This is the only dress that is too short for me. If it weren't I would already have ordered it. I love the color combination and the girly look of it. I also love the tutu look of it. I want to make myself a navy blue one to wear for Christmas. :)


  1. Love the last dress ,
    Pretty cute <3

    Blog walking ,
    Visit mine ?

  2. I love these-especially the first and the last ones. I've heard so much about Modcloth but haven't ever looked through their clothes. Too bad they're so much, they're adorable!


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