Saturday, November 13, 2010

Summer Dress

This was one of my favorite outfits this summer. I wanted to blog it earlier - and I meant to, but it got cold before I could. I was very disappointed. :( So of course I took the chance of a warm day earlier this week to wear it again. :D

I got the dress from my cousin, Molly in early August. She had worn it a lot last summer, but her style has since changed and she wasn't sure how to style it to fit her new style. I suggested with a leather jacket - but that was more my style than hers, so she gave the dress to me. <3

I just love the look of the more modern, edgy leather jacket with the retro, feminine dress. Now that I see the pictures, though, is it just me or does this dress really make me look short? I'm going to have the dress taken in this winter since it's much too big for me in the waist - anyone think I should have it hemmed while I'm at it? O.o Let me know what you think, please.

I've only had this dress for a short time, but I've already had some good times with it. :D

In other news my second article for HS Pieces, Fashion Blogging: Why and How to Begin, was published today. Yay!!! :D

I also got an Etsy store at long last! I'm hoping to update it this week end or early next week with some of the vintage dresses I have been hanging on to, so keep an eye out for that!

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Night all!
Outfit Details:
Dress - Vintage
Shoes - Old Navy
Jacket - Wet Seal
Purse - Charlotte Russe
Locket - Plato's Closet


  1. very cute! I agree- you should get it hemmed a bit though.

  2. I love the print! I definitely don't think it makes you look short. The length is just your preference I think; This is a good length but if you prefer shorter dresses that would be cute too.

  3. Hello...I was blog surfing and ran into your link....cute blog...and LOVE your pretty with the denim look adorable:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger of the Week!!!

  4. What a fun print dress!! I actually love the length, you don't see tea-length dresses very much anymore so I think it's charming :)


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