Sunday, November 28, 2010

Could be Two-Thousand-and-Ten

Demi Lovato is one of my style inspirations. This is my "Sonny Monroe outfit", since it totally reminds me of an outfit she wore on the show Sonny With a Chance, so I think it was fitting that I used my Sonny Monroe Collection purse. :D

My mom and sisters drove past the beach today, and it looked so pretty I asked if we could stop so I could get some pictures - I also recruited my little sister, Maddie, to take the photos this time. :D

The beach was so lovely - very cool but not too cold - and the lake was full of white foam from many waves breaking. I posted a couple artistic photos on my Flickr page, if you care to look at them.

I wish I had got some better pictures of my headband. I have a very similar one I'm going to be giving away early next month. I am excited! :D

Outfit Details:
Dress: Gap
Sweater: Vintage
Tights: Walmart
Heels: Xhilaration
Headband: Elle
Purse: Sonny Monroe Collection at Target


  1. Posts don't count unless you write something 8-P
    That outfit is lovely though!!!So very pretty!!!!

  2. That's a really pretty, classic, feminine outfit. I love that you live close enough to a beach to drive by and take some pictures!

  3. What an incredibly elegant outfit!! Love the detail on the sweater and your bag. Just LOVELY :)


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