Monday, February 25, 2013

When I've Got My Skates On // Daily Outfit

"Some days are horrible - like you trip in the hall and your skirt flies over your head just when the jock you like is walking past. Some days are just 'ok.' Maybe you find a $20 bill, but you get a parking ticket. And some days are just so amazingly awesome and everything with the world is right!" 

Reasons why the day I wore this dress was awesome:

  • It was the perfect almost-spring-day! I woke up to the sound of birds in the trees, it was unny and not too cold. Spring, please come quickly!
  • I drove with the windows down for one of the first times this year
  • I just recently bought a pair of socks just like my white thigh highs but in the gray, and I wore them for the first time with this outfit. I love them so much. Seriously so comfortable. I want them in black, too, and I'm even thinking about getting a pair for a giveaway. Does anyone think this is a good idea!?
  • I used my new make-up palette, Boudoir Eyes by Too Faced, to try my hand at the smokey eye the girl at Ulta did on me. It wasn't as good as hers, but it didn't suck, either!
  • I loved my make-up, and was pleased with my hair/make-up, so I felt great all day!
  • I went ice skating for the first time in four years, which was awesome despite all the mothers bringing their little daughters to practice figuring skating which meant me being shown up by a couple of five year olds.
  • After searching for over a year I finally bought the perfect purple lipstick - not too purple-y, and not too dark! Thank you, MAC cosmetics!
  • Semi caught up with one of my bestest girl friends.
  • It was payday so I got to pick up my check + say hello to my co-workers, which - of course - ending up being a discussion on how great Jeffery Campbell shoes are (in the words of my co-worker "he knows how to make shoes!" YEAH GIRL!)
  • I realized when I looked at my paycheck stub that I got a pay raise, so I am now $.25 per hour closer to being rich. Yay me!
  • I burned so many calories ice skating, that I ate whatever I want when I got home, completely guilt free. (I really need to ice skate more often, y'all!) 


Katie Burry

♥ ♥ ♥       
dress: Moon Collection via the Red Dress Shoppe
cardigan: Forever 21
Lita spikes: Lori's Shoes
tights: Forever 21
socks: the Forest Bootery
belt: Windsor
necklace: gift from Emily
sunglasses: ModCloth
bag: Little Black Bag
lipstick: MAC in Rebel
title: Tip of the Iceberg by Owl City


  1. Gosh, you're beautiful. Sounds like you had fun!

  2. This dress is a classic and I love your belt. I've always been too much of a pansy to go ice skating!

  3. this is lovely love everything about your look especially the cute necklace! I wish I knew how to ice-skate not that I would have the opportunity in Australia!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  4. I've loved seeing all of the different ways you've worn this dress, but this might be favorite. It looks so cute with the gray knee socks! And ice skating looks so fun (even though I'm embarrassingly awful at it haha).

  5. love you are beautiful!


    - s

  6. Oh, I love all your items! They are amazing! You look so beautiful!

  7. Oh this dress is so lovely! The colors, the floral, the collar, everything! I love how you paired it with all black so it stands out so beautifully! And I haven't been ice skating forever! It sounds like so much fun.

  8. Love this outfit, so cute! And that necklace is beyond amazing!

  9. This dress is seriously awesome! I can see why you love it so much. So perfect. And ice skating! Wow - I haven't been, nor am I any good. Your skates are adorable, I want then in shoe form

  10. I really really love that dress! <3


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