Monday, February 11, 2013

Lately {Foodstagrams + Country Music}

1. Froyo!
2. A basket of clothes to list on my Instagram closet shop
3. We finally got a decent amount of snow!
4. Libby got a German pancake and it was bigger than her head! (And believe it or not, that's the small one!)
5. Woke up with a craving for doughnuts to find out that my wonderful mother had already got some for breakfast!
6. Perfect red pout Saturday morning.
7. Granted I left earlier than usual, but there was still a sliver of light when I left work on Saturday! Here comes spring!
8. Starbucks in the car with my mom and Maddie.
9. Ulta haul!

1. Jackson // Johny Cash and June Carter
2. West Coast Friendship // Owl City
3. That Don't Impress Me Much // Shina Twain
4. Dear Vienna // Owl City
5. Wide Awake // Katy Perry

1. I got this song because it was on the Help soundtrack, but then I watched Walk the Line and now I'm really loving it. I can't wait to get the Walk the Line soundtrack version, though. Reese Witherspoon has an amazing voice.
2. I love all of Adam Young's work, but his earlier stuff will always have a special place in my heart, and even though I'm not a California girl, I love this song.
3. In case you can't tell, I'm in a country music mood lately (I blame going to Missouri). This is one of the first country songs I ever liked! (And for those of you that are interested this was the video that I first saw it on!)
4. This is by far my favorite songs on the Maybe I'm Dreaming album by Owl City! ♥
5. This wasn't one of my favorite Katy Perry songs at first, but the more I listen to it the more I love it. The vocals are gorgeous, and the lyrics are hauntingly true. Totally describes a lot of my feelings lately.

1. Once Upon a Time
2. Downton Abbey
3. Sweet Home Alabama

1. Even though I still really love this show I'm starting to think that I like season one a little more than season two. That might just be because I'm really sad over the whole Belle/Rumpelstiltskin story line... probably. I just hope his son isn't who I think he is!
2. This show is still good as ever, and I really love how all of the characters are progressing, but I heard a spoiler for the Christmas special and it's killing me!
3. I caught the tail end of this movie while I was baby sitting Friday night. I love it so much! Reese Witherspoon is totes adorable. I absolutely love her in everything I've seen her in - especially Penelope! The only downside to watching Sweet Home Alabama is that it made me miss being in Missouri.


Katie Burry


  1. I love your blog! Sweet Home Alabama and Walking the Line are one of my favorite movies of all time!! I am on a country music kick right now to and that's very unusual for me, I am a rock girl at heart. Have a great day!!

  2. Mmm, donuts for breakfast and Starbucks in the car sound so wonderful, and now I am craving them both, haha. Fun post!


  3. Ah, Downton! I watched it all (illegally...) when it was on in the UK, you'll have to let me know what you think of the Christmas special. It's all so good!

  4. Josh Groban watches Downton Abbey. Just your daily random fact.

    I'll Walk The Line is a great song.


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