Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I've Never Felt So Content // Daily Outfit

This is one of my favorite outfit photo sets yet. This dress (a Dahl Clothes original) is one of my favorites. I mean, there couldn't be a more perfectly "Katie" dress out there if one tried. It's got the perfect 1950's full skirt, flattering scooped neck, and is covered with gorgeous classic cars and other Route 66 sights. Paired with a mustache necklace and my Lita spikes it make the perfect outfit for me.

I left on my trip with a thought deep in my heart that it was going be big, and it was just that. I can't describe to you the feeling of riding in a big pickup truck down the open country roads in this dress, but it just felt so "me!" Like it's where I always should have been and always should be for the rest of my life.

I've always loved Missouri but this time I think I truly left my heart there. ♥

You wanna know something really awkward, though? While taking these photos a lady drove past (and gave me the oddest look!). Turns out she works with my aunt and actually asked her the next day about "that strange person in the road with a camera." Lol! Talk about awkward blogger moments!


Katie Burry

♥ ♥ ♥       
dress: Dahl Clothes
Lita spikes: Lori's Shoes
cardigan: Maurice's
necklace: gift from Emily
lipstick: Kat Von D Painted Love in Underage Red
title: Hospital Flowers by Owl City


  1. Aaaah! That dress is so perfect and you look lovely in it :)

  2. I <3 your dress and that you tend to wear dresses daily. I was inspired and wore a dress today. I had one of those blogger moments too yesterday. While getting ready to take pictures a sales man came up to the door. He asked me why I was dressed up and I told him oh I am doing a photoshoot. :) Its funny how people think if you dress nice you must be doing something out of the ordinary. But I would have worn the outfit even without taking pictures for the blog. :)

    God bless!

  3. Haha I hate awkward moments while taking photos....why can't there ever just not be anyone around?
    I LOVE this dress, it's darling! Perfect outfit for traveling and your hair is just incredible!
    P.S. I actually get the Carly rae thing ALL the time haha but it means a lot coming from someone as pretty as you!

  4. That dress is darling! And I love the necklace and shoes! :D

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  5. What a perfect dress! It really suits you and I love those colours :)

    I like how you could choose any of the colours to bring out -- you went with red, but it would look equally cute with a blue or a gold sweater or scarf or something.

    You have such great taste. I love it.

  6. oh my GOSH what beautiful-ness!! The photos, the outfit, YOU, everything! I especially love your dress- holy jealous.

    Riding the backroads around Georgia in the summer? Best. feeling. ever. You would absolutely love it here. You might get some strange looks because of your heels (no one around here knows that people actually wear anything other than hunting boots and flip flops) but other than that, we're all just as sweet as the ice cold tea ;).

    I used to get those kinds of awkward looks and conversations all the time when I lived in town! People would always ask "What are you doing?" and I'd say "School photography project" and they'd mosey on about their business. Haha! My project went on for a pretty long time until I moved ;P.

  7. These photos are so pretty and that dress is AMAZING.

  8. These photos definitely look like a magazine spread about a girl on a road trip. You totally nailed it!

    Love your awkward photo stories. I never get tired of hearing them! From my own experience with photo gawkers, I always try not to stare if I see people in public places getting senior/wedding photos taken. If they can be out & about and normal about it, then why can't a blogger have the same treatment?! Geesh.

    What an amazing thing to experience a life epiphany! Go wherever you are lead & keep living for those moments. :)

  9. Your dress is adorable!! I adore all of your unique dresses actually. Hmm...I need to make myself some more dresses. :)

    Bramblewood Fashion

  10. I love love LOVE that dress. I would love to get a custom dress with an awesome and unique print. Does Dahl Clothes do custom stuff for anyone?
    I know what you mean about road trips and driving down open roads. When my boyfriend and I drove to Florida I realized that I think I just belong down South with the open fields, warm weather, and pretty landscapes.

  11. Wow, those shoes!
    I'm not sure how well they go with fields and mud though?
    You look lovely, that is the coolest dress.
    I wonder how easily something like that could be made, it makes me want to buy similar material and sewit myself!
    Thanks for the great post.

    Esther x

  12. That dress is just so adorable! And how perfect is that mustache necklace?! Love it!

    Hope that you had a great Valentine's Day!


  13. This is such a cute dress!!!! I also love all the photos for it! It is great to see the country road to go with the route 66 dress. hehe


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