Monday, February 18, 2013

Lately {Minus the music + TV}

1. Heart shaped tea infuser
2. Packing supplies for Lauren and Hannah's packages
3. Went ice skating for the first time in years this past week!
4. One of my favorite stores in the world - Aerie! 
5. My dad bought the four of us girls each a thing of Godiva chocolate. Yummy!
6. My new MAC lipstick!
7. Details from what I wore yesterday (except I ended up not wearing those sun glasses. Lol!)
8. Look who finally watched her hair yesterday! Score!
9. My dad's peanut butter filled, chocolate covered jalapeno pepper.

Since I've mostly just been listening to Owl City on repeat in preparation for seeing them live at the end of the month (eep!!), I won't bore you with that this week; and since I've very bummed about my two favorite TV shows at the moment, I'll wait until next week to fill you in on that. *winks* 

Hope you're having a great Monday so far!


Katie Burry


  1. Are the chocolate covered peanut butter filled jalapeƱos good??? I mean...I love all of those things!!! :)

  2. Love that dress, can't wait to see a outfit post from this. Your dad is the sweetest, buying chocolates for his girls :)

    Did you see the last ep. of Downton Abbey? I've seen it a few months ago and i'm still not over it :/

    x Audrey


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