Thursday, September 20, 2012

Work of Art // Daily Outfit

I think I finally understand what people mean when they say that life is a work of art: it takes a lot of planning and a lot of work - like any other "work of art." I'm working hard on mine right now, which makes for a lot of emotional hours.

Brighter times are on the way. Hope your week is going well. ♥

♥ ♥ ♥       
cardigan: Francesca's Collection
jeans: Forever 21
shoes: garage sale via Miss Jack
necklace + key: Kane County Flea Market
scarf: gift
bag: ModCloth


  1. Hey! Sorry I haven't been on your blog recently, life has been a little crazy and I haven't been keeping up with blogs very well. I love your style. I hope you are having a good week x

  2. beautiful photos and I love the outfit! I need an awesome jacket like that for fall/winter for my walk between classes :)
    Abby <3

  3. i love the leather jacket, and how your red lipstick matches your cardigan! awesome. xo

  4. I love these photos so much it hurts <3 <3

  5. Scarf.

    Don't plan too much. Remember Rodger.

  6. Cute! I really think your best outfits are your "jeans" outfits. You look so cute in jeans!

  7. You're absolutely stunning and such a great friend!
    Can't wait for our shopping date! <3

  8. These photos are amazing Katie! The train station was the perfect location for such an edgy, cute outfit :)
    I have a problem with buying food TOO! Hahaha, I work at McDonalds so it's hard not to pick up a 30c cone after work hehe. I need to stop buying things.
    xx Maria

  9. my favorite outfit post from you so far. i love how it looks so laidback but very well put together. gorgeous! shows a lot of your awesome personality! :)

  10. I'm sure your life will turn out great :)
    love the leather jacket :)

    anyway, I fell in love with your sweet vintage way of dressing
    I am your newest follower! hopefully you'd follow back, Katie

    The Sweetest Escape 

  11. This outfit is totally something I'd wear if I wore pants. It's rather "edgier" than your other outfits and I like it.

  12. I really like these photos. I love the lighting and how you are all in focus but the station fades out. Do you take them yourself?
    Found your blog the other day, then lost the link and now found it again. Definitely following this time. :)


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