Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Sands of Time // Daily Oufit

Sometimes I just cannot believe how this year has gone so far! In just ten months I've gotten my drivers license, graduated high school, got a job, lost some of my best friends, made new ones, and generally just got a new lease on life.

Sometimes when I look at recent photos of me I have this "holy cow! That's not a little girl in that photo anymore!" moment. Sometimes I can't believe that I'm already eighteen - and then instantly I'm like "I'm only eighteen!?" I feel at least twenty...

But I guess that just makes my life a little less rushed - like waking up in the morning and thinking you'd better get ready for work when you realize that you still have another two hours till you have to get up. I know, odd example but you get the idea.

Also, I have a bunch of shopping planned for the next two weeks, so hopefully there'll be more regular outfit posts on here soon. Here's hoping!

Hope all of yours weeks are going well so far!

♥ ♥ ♥       
blouse: my mom's
jeans: Forever 21
shoes: Urban Og
necklace + key: Kane County Flea Market
jeans: Forever 21


  1. Haha, I thought the same thing when I turned nineteen last month! "I'm nineteen already? But I feel at least twenty..." and then there are those times when I still feel so little and I realize I still have a whole lot of growing up to do.

    Love your outfit! The blouse, the jeans, the shoes, the necklace--it all goes so wonderfully together!


  2. super love this! =)) amazing post and amazing blog!
    anyway, I hope you could visit my blog too and follow!

    Raellarina-The Ballerina on Fire

  3. Oh I like that blouse. I don't like to think about outfits so a blouse and some jeans are kind of perfect for me haha :) xo

  4. Aaah I've been feeling especially old and grown up lately too. It's awfully gross...hahaha

    Now, those shoes..They are so pretty!

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  5. I know what you mean about age and time.
    I love your necklace <3

  6. I have jeans now, jeans are cool.

    Red shoes, a must.


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