Monday, September 24, 2012

Lately... (BBC Shows + Cleaning My Room}

1. I love that - for the most part - my hair looks great when I get up in the morning. Especially on days when I over sleep...
2. You don't really appreciate how long it takes to heat something up in the oven until your microwave is broken. So glad we got a new one!
3. I found these notebooks in my room. They're all filled with school stuff I haven't needed for months. This is why I'm cleaning out my room, y'all!
4. My little sister packed me a lunch for work and this is the bag she used! How adorable!! ♥
5. My dad helping me with a special room project. I can't wait to show you all it!
6. I don't know how this is comfortable, but she looked soooooo cute!! ♥
7. Trying on dresses in Deliah*s. If this had been longer I'd have been tempted to buy it. :(
8. Froyo with Maddie!
9. I've gotten back into the habit of taking outfit photos regularly and I love it. ♥

1. Work of Art // Rachel Platten
2. I Am the Doctor // Muray Gold
4. The Avengers Theme // Alan Silvestri
5. Dreams and Disasters // Owl City

1. This song is still on my playlist because a) I love it and b) it makes me feel inspired/encouraged. ♥
2. Doctor Who was on again on Saturday night and I wore a TARDIS t shirt on Sunday so of course I had to listen to this song on the way to work!
3. This song got me through some very difficult drama earlier this week. So thanks for that Taylor.
4. TOMORROW, Y'ALL! Need I say more?
5. Another really encouraging and inspiring song - plus it includes Adam Young!

1. Doctor Who season 7
2. Wallander

1. Still watching Doctor Who season 7, although I can't say that I'm anymore impressed than I was after the second episode. It all feels very rushed (and at the same time it feels like they're just killing time till the Ponds leave...) and I'm very disappointed that the Ponds leaving will not be a two parter. Steven Moffat I'm ready for you to quit Doctor Who...
2. A BBC mystery show featuring Tom Hiddleson. It has to be good, right!? (In all seriousness it is a fantastic show and Tom Hiddleson really is an incredible actor! Can't wait to see him as Loki again this week!)


  1. Honestly, I am not very fond of Steven Moffat's stories, but as the good old Doctor Who fan I've always been, I continue on. Yey for watching all the episodes. Are you up to date as they show it in the UK or are you watching with the US?

  2. I have to say, Russell Davies created the golden age of Doctor Who. With Moffat in charge, the stories seem to lack emotion somehow. I don't think he loves his characters as much as Mr. Davies did; he writes to get views, not to touch people. Just my opinion.

    But I still love the show, and I love Tom Hiddleston, too. BBC does things right. :)

  3. Did I ever tell you you have the cutest smirk I've ever seen? Just saying.
    Love you, sister.


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