Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Abandoned Things // Daily Oufit

Last week I wrote a post on saying goodbye when someone doesn't care to be in your life anymore. It sucks and hurts but I would never, ever wish it away. Because that guy - immature and childish that he was - taught me one of the best lessons I've ever learned: if you have to fight to stay in someone's life when they don't appreciate you, then they don't deserve you. I spent ten months of my life trying to be friends with someone who didn't care enough to make the effort to be friends with me, and it wasn't until I met an actual friend that I realized how silly I had been.

Because a real friend will care about you and your life; ask how you are; how your blog is doing and contribute to the conversation because they want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to them. They won't just answer the list of questions you ask them like it's an interview.

And that's my two cents on friendship. ♥

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dress: Emily and Fin via ModCloth
cardigan: Charlotte Russe
shoes: Blowfish Shoes (last year)
belt: thrifted
bag: ModCloth
glasses: c/o Glasses USA
lipstick: MAC in "Lickable"


  1. Agreed! I have recently lost a few friends because I felt that they did not appreciate me and I was the one that always had to see how they were doing or initiate anything. There were also some times where I felt that they took advantage of our friendship. Although it hurts I'm glad that I have rid my life of people who don't care about being in my life.
    I appreciate you sharing this post. You are a strong person and I admire that (:

  2. This was a great post Katie Cat! Can I call you that? hahaha. Its something I suppose I need to realise with some people in my life. Its hard things. So I thankyou for encouraging me to take that leap and do something scary. Scary yessss. But to a huge benefit. You are one strong and inspiring lady!!!!
    Britney :)

  3. this is really true. it took me way too long to learn that :) also, lovely dress. missed you! xx

  4. if you have to fight to stay in someone's life when they don't appreciate you, then they don't deserve you. True. I suppose. I'd agree, I mean, except that makes it sound like I'm someone worth deserving. So, I agree, pretty much 8-)


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