Monday, September 17, 2012

Lately {Hair Changes + Iron Man Headphones}

1. Part of the walk from my car to the shoppe where I work. I work in one of the loveliest towns around. ♥
2. Some of the inspirational photos I took when I got my hair done on Friday.
3. One of the temporary tattoos I wore this week for National Suicide Awareness week.
4. The salon I went to served tea in mustache-decorated mugs. How perfect??
5. Delicious strawberry + cucumber limeade at P.F. Chang's.
6. This is a really great reminder after how bummed out I've been feeling lately.
7. Froyo is the best desert ever. Fact!
8. Ready to watch Psycho and The Birds at the outdoor theater with my aunt and my cousin the Z Dog.
9. Iron Man headphones! Every eighteen-year-old girl's dream. ♥

1. Work of Art // Rachel Platten
3. Sailboats // Sky Sailing
4. The Avengers Theme Song // Alan Silvestri

1. I found this song because it's the theme song for Jane by Design. It's so catchy and sweet sounding! It also reminds me a lot of a Carly Rae Jepsen song...
2. Let's just say that I'm having one of those months and leave it at that, ok?
3. Ethan's the one who pointed this song out to me - and how epic is it that Adam mentions Audrey Hepburn in it?? Besides that it's a gorgeous, sweet tune. ♥
4. This song makes even driving to the store feel like a mission to save the world - oh, and did I mention that the movie comes out a week from tomorrow? I know, it's awesomeness. *winks*

1. Jane By Design
2. Doctor Who Season 7

1. Saturday night/Sunday Morning I stayed up till 7am finishing season one of Jane by Design (I know, crazy right??) My biggest complaint? That there won't be a season two.
2. Watched episode three last night. Didn't like it as much as the first two - and is it just me or is the Doctor getting really arrogant/dangerous again?? I'd say it was time for a new Doctor but apparently the 11th will last through 2014, so I'm not exactly sure what's going on there...


  1. Gaaah! That temp tattoo and that hair! <3
    I've really been debating bangs lately. So cute!
    xo Heather

  2. No season 2 of Jane by Design?!?!? What??? No way! =( And I really want a pair of Iromnan headphones!

  3. Moffat...there is nothing more I can say. I can't go further. Imagine Moriarty's glare when he's talking to Sherlock...yeah....


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