Monday, August 13, 2012

Lately {A Weekend Away + Audrey Hepburn}

1. Working on blog stuff + writing emails till 2 or 3am. Yep, this is what I do sometimes.
2. Breakfast - granola + dried cherries + milk & doughnuts. Sounds healthy.
3. I'm so proud of myself for only packing one small bag + my train case for a weekend trip. Score!
4. Rockin' an up-do + floral sunglasses during our car trip.
5. The Illinois landscape.
6. Practical shoes for a fun day at the amusement park.
7. The ferris wheel. These things always remind me of Doctor Who episode, Rose.
8. My makeup sitting on the hotel window sill.
9. My new hipster ring (from my dad!) + the only drip coffee I ever drink

2. Eternity // Owl City
3. The teasers of the Midsummer Station songs on iTunes // Owl City
4. Call Me Maybe // Carly Rae Jepsen
5. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore // The Boatrights

1. This is one of my favorites of all of Enya's songs. Ever since seeing the music video it always makes me think of Chicago at night in the winter - and St. Louis in the autumn during a shower isn't too far off, which made it the perfect song for this weekend.
2. You can read my review of this song here.
3. Adam Young recently released 1.5 minute preview of each of the unrelased songs from Midsummer Station (Owl City's newest album, scheduled for relase on the 21st of this year), and so far I'm addicted! I especially love Bombshell Blonde, and I'm Coming After You. ♥
4. This song is still on my playlist since it usually takes a week or two for me to get sick of a new song. *winks*
5. The Boatrights is one of my favorite bands. They're a little, unknown family band that used to play. They've since stopped preforming, and it's neigh impossible to find their songs anywhere anymore (although there is one more on YouTube - and it wasn't uploaded by me!). It's really sad, though, because they play some of the best Celtic folk music I've ever heard. This is one of my favorite songs by them.

 1. Pawn Stars
2. Breakfast at Tiffany's
3. Roman Holiday

1. This is one of the few shows that my whole family can agree on. Some of the stuff that comes into the pawn shop is just crazy, and I'm convinced that I'll become a better barterer from watching - which is bound to come in handy when attending garage/yard sales and flea markets!
2. My friend Ethan got me started on this movie and boy am I glad he did! It's one of my favorites - even if I couldn't exactly tell you what it's about. It's just such a cute, sweet movie. ♥
3. When Molly heard that I liked Breakfast at Tiffany's she suggested I watch this movie. We watched it last night and - though I didn't like it quite as much as Breakfast at Tiffany's - I did really like it! I just wish the ending was a bit happier...


  1. I love love love Audrey Hepburn! Breakfast at Tiffany's is my fave too.might have to check out Roman Holiday.
    we're following you definitely !
    Ammie x

  2. I bet you didn't know you have a light saber on your blog.

  3. Lovely! I always love when you share music <3 I like Enya too :) and Breakfast at Tiffany's.I hope you have a lovely week! xx

  4. Sounds (and looks!) like a super great weekend! And Audrey Hepburn is just one of my favorite everything. <3 Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    Thank YOU so much for taking the time to post your incredibly sweet comment on my blog! It means a lot. :)


  5. Oh, I missed the doughnut before. You know what this means...though I don't suppose you do.



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