Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Heart Full of Mess and Love // Daily Outfit

I'm not really sure why these photos turned out so grainy, but I liked this outfit too much not to post them.

I got this blouse and these jeans while shopping with Emily last week. I usually don't really like to shop at Charlotte Russe or F21, but I couldn't pass up $10 jeans (since I desperately needed a pair without holes in them!) and I completely fell in love with the blouse. *sheepish grin* But I mean, really, how gorgeous is the color + lace Peter Pan collar!?

I wore this outfit last Friday to go see about a couple job opportunists - not interviews, just applying - and hopefully something will turn up. It's time for me to join the adult world! #grownup

♥ ♥ ♥       
blouse: Charlotte Russe
necklace: thrifted
shoes: Target
jeans: Forever 21
bag: ModCloth
sun glasses: Target


  1. I really love your outfit too! And I didn't notice the pictures were 'grainy' until you mentioned it -- and even then I still don't see it hehe :)
    I love your perty collared top and the way you styled it with those pin trousers and pretty necklace. You are such a beauty!
    xx Maria

  2. i kinda like the graininess! and i love the outfit too - the red lips, aqua top - love it! and i had a pair of charlotte russe jeans that i should have hated but were my go to jeans

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. Oh I love this outfit, especially your shirt. I was at Charlotte Ruse not long ago and nearly bought that very same shirt. Sadly my poor-girl budget couldn't afford to buy more clothes, haha.

    You look so adorable!

  4. oh, eh-hem! *clears throat awkwardly* "a pair without holes in them"... yeeeeaaaahhhhh.....those wouldn't happen to be the pair I uh...he.he....ripped....he.he.he....when you tackled me? *grins innocently* ;D


    P.S. I need a new pair of skinny jeans....the ones I had stretched out from wearing them with my boots..... :P I also need boots....tell me if they go on sale anywhere....kay? Thaank-yoos!

    Post P.S. I love you shirt. :) and shoes....although I think I'd die if I tried to wear them. :-/

    Post, Post P.S. I want you purse....though in red. *grin* This is why: the dude on the left happens to be awesome. And he has a cool red bag he carries around. Yup. *nods*

  5. I adore the heels and the lace collar! The colours are perfect.

  6. Awh, yeah I was lucky enough to see you in (sort of) person in this outfit! Too adorable head to toe :D

  7. I like it. But twitter is infecting you.

  8. What a beautiful top! The color alone would be reason enough to buy it, but the Peter Pan collar just oomphs up it's awesome factor!

    Good luck job hunting! That is a tough thing to go out and do. Unfortunately I haven't had much luck. :/

  9. Such a cute outfit! That color shirt looks so amazing on you, and I am head over heels in love with those shoes!

  10. That blouse is amazingly cute - I adore the colour on you and the little Peter Pan collar =)
    Good luck with job applying, it feels weird growing up doesn't it?! I've just got my first real grown up job and it's a little scary to think I have to act grown up haha =D
    I adore your blog, your layout is so cute!! Following you now =D

  11. I think this outfit looks so nice on you. what a great blouse!!!


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