Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'd Run with You Through Space and Time // Daily Outfit

"Dress everyday as if you'd run away with the Doctor in those clothes."
~ Unknown

I wore this outfit much earlier this spring when I traveled to Alabama with my best friend and her mother, but - much to my regret - I didn't get any pictures of it then. So after wearing it three
or four times more, I finally got pictures!

So, if I ever got the chance to travel with the Doctor in the TARDIS there are three things I'd just have take with me: my leather jacket, my big sister, and this outfit. All the rest of the clothes I'd need could be scavenged from the wardrobe inside the TARDIS if need be, but this would be my signature look. Can't you just see me treading on apple grass, running from shadows or staring at angel statues in it? I can. ♥


  1. You should wear your converses with this once. This is what you wore when we took Jarvis to that mansion but couldn't get in so we let him play in the grass 8-D Apple grass.
    "What's it called?" "New New York." "You're kidding me!" "No. It's the city of New New York."

    "You're so different." "New New Doctor."

  2. ooh, Katie I always swoon over that dress when you wear it, it's one of my faves ever -SO pretty!! And I love the adorable bowler hat too, it looks gorgeous on you! Happy weekend hun. xo veronika

  3. I love your style! And oh my goodness those sunglasses are awesome - especially with the hat! Very pretty look :)

  4. Goodness, such a pretty dress. I'm a sucker for a good floral print! The colour looks so pretty on you

  5. I love that you did a post about this ! I think your dress is cute did you make it ?
    I have looked at my wardrobe differently since finding that quote, I would love to dress every day like I was traveling with the Doctor, I love Amy Ponds style though I think her skirts are a bit short.
    I heard about your blog from your cousin Anna grace, I'm loving your your blog header its so fresh and summery.
    Rachel Hope
    visiting from >


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