Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Bit Fairy Tale // Daily Outfit

 "Amelia Pond s a brilliant name!" "A bit fairy tale."
~ Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour
{blouse//thrifted :: shorts//thrfted :: leggings//no idea :: Converses//my big sister :: key necklace//my big sister}

The first time I wore this blouse Maddie informed me that it looked sorta like Amelia "Amy" Pond's sweater in The Time of Angels. I couldn't help but agree with her, so I knew I had to do an Amelia Pond outfit. Here's what the actual outfit looked like. I know mine was quite a bit different but I was still very pleased with it. I even flattened my hair (which turned out very frizzy) and wore my TARDIS key. ♥

Have any of you ever watched Doctor Who before? Who is your favorite companion? Mine is Rose, then Donna in a close second, and then Amy right behind Donna. Style wise, however, Amy wins hands down!


  1. "It is time to make your choice." "I already have." "You have?" "Yes. It's you, stupid."

    "Rory, you are a lucky man, she is a good kisser...You know how you say something to yourself and it sounds great until you say it out loud?"

    "I am missing something, something that is right in front of me." "Yes, I think it is." "Not now, Rory, I am trying to think."

    "You died. No, you died and were erased from history, you were never born. How are you here?" "I don't know, I died and woke up a Roman."

    "The other one is real because Rory isn't here and it feels so wrong."

    "Of course not! You're not scared of anything! Box falls from the sky. Man falls from the box. Man eats fish custard and look at you! You're just sitting there."

    "Congratulations, Mr. Pond." "No, I'm Mr. Williams. It doesn't work that way." "Yeah it does." "Yeah..."

    A Bit Unlikely,

  2. Kaaatttiiieee!!!! I like your post. ;)
    I'm a little hyper right now..... I just was taking a picture of the school chair we both bought from the thrift store and on the bottom was a sticker that said "Peabody seating co. North Manchester, Indiana" and then a few numbers. I google searched the above and found this link.


    It mentions a shipment from 1905 and before that, and then it says that in "1957 --- New Castle Products Company of New Castle, Indiana, approached the Peabody Board of Directors about the possibility of purchasing the company. Since a number of the officers and executives were approaching retirement, the decision was made to sell."

    So, the company title was changed! meaning... I assume that the chair we have was probably from 1957 or older! The store in North Manchester, Indian then closed in 1984. So, the chair, I reckon, is at least 54 years old, likely older. ;)

    Thought you'd like to know!

    Mrs. Butterfinger (me)

  3. lovely photos <3 check out my blog .. xoxox

  4. My favorite companions are Romana II (she was a Galifreyan who ends up regnerating. . I liked both Romanas but the second was my favorite ever), Leela (although she isn't too modest in some of her episodes), Sarah-Jane Smith (back when she was with the 3rd and 4th doctors, though I loved her when she got older too!!! Sad she died of cancer a couple months ago), Ace, Zoe, Adric, Ian, Barbara, Nyssa, Martha Jones, and Donna.


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