Monday, September 12, 2011

Lately // Daily Outfit

 Lately, I've been the quiet one waiting searching the lines of the songs, you played for me.
~ If I walk Away by Josh Groban

Sorry these pictures kind of stink. They looked better on the camera. I was tempted not to post them at all, but I really loved this outfit. It felt so mod 60's and I was seriously wishing I knew someone with an old 60's convertible to take me for a ride in . ♥

{dress/thrifted :: sandals/Merona :: belt/Charlotte Russe :: sunglasses/ModCloth :: bracelet/from my Mom}

Today I spent most of the afternoon organizing my room since I got a new dresser and listening to Josh Groban. I never used to like him but ever since this spring I've liked him a lot - especially since his songs remind me of such good memories.

Speaking of spring, after doing some research online I've decided that if I do, indeed get to visit my friends in Wyoming again this spring I am bringing one of my vintage suitcases. Why? Because it's cool, it will be easy to spot my suitcase that way, and because, well, it's just so much more mod! All I need to do now is decide which of my bags to take - which depends on how light I manage to pack. I'd like to take the small, yellow 60's/70's suitcase from my great grand aunt, but if I can't fit my clothes in there (the shoes will be difficult) I'll either take the bigger yellow one or my big blue one from the 50's or 60's. In which case I'll have to decide if I should do this DIY project to it.

What do you all think? Should I do the DIY project or leave my bag as is? And am I crazy for wanting to bring a gigantic, wheelers suitcase half way across the country on a train or plane? Have any of you ever traveled with vintage luggage before? How did it work out? I'd love to hear any advice/stories you have!


  1. "Lately, I've been the quiet one, searching for the lines of the song you sang for me. Failing, drifting through air I got fateless, open the dark and there I see. And if I walk away, please follow me. If I walk away, please follow me. Walk away, head for the light of day, follow a brighter way out of the cold and dark down to the one bright spark future is all my start for you. If I walk away, please follow me."
    Or something like that.
    I'd tell you MY story but you mocked my suitcase. *Hugs it* is not speaking to you 8-D It even looks like Max's!!! It is a 60's spy suit case.
    Yeah, do the DIY thing that is cool. And bring an old suitcase, WAY more fun and I have brothers to carry it for you and we don't have to walk blocks to the car.
    And...oh yeah, COME SOON! GUESS WHAT?! When you come Tintin will be on DVD!!! We are SO watching it, just to warn you. Like, a lot.
    Okay, that is all. My suitcase and I are going.

    A Bit Unlikely,

  2. from one katie to another, i love how perfectly that dress is cynched. it looks ideal for a summer day without having to strip down to a tank top ( :( )

  3. I think this dress is beautiful, and you look absolutely perfect. The photos are great--- we're just our own biggest critics.

    The DIY seems neat, and I say go for it! :)

  4. the belt is gorgeous!


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