Thursday, September 1, 2011

In My Bag

I stinking love my canvas bag! It's so big it can hold everything I need and then some! Lately, however, I've found my bag getting rather heavy. I decided it's long over do for a cleaning out, but before I did that I thought it might be fun to figure out just what it was I was carrying around all that time - I share it with you all, too!

1. A small zipper bag to keep all my little things together
2. Extra orange cream gum
3. A travel sized tooth brush since dirty teeth drive me crazy!
4. A map from the mall I went to with my mom and sister on Saturday
5. Cinnamon Doughnut scented hand sanitizer from my great aunt
6. My checkbook/ledger
7. Anne of the Island - I was reading it at the beach last week end
8. A tiny little notebook I for Christmas from my big sister
9. A post it notes to use for Operation Beautiful - not that I ever remember to do it, unfortunately
10. My blog journal (post on that coming tomorrow!)
11. More gum
12. A stray Band Aid. I didn't even knot that was in there!
13. Two pairs of sunglasses. I always grab a new pair every time I leave the house and then throw them in my bag when I'm done. The other day I had two pairs in my bag and one on my face!
14. My iPod - only usually it's in my pocket, not my bag.
15. My wallet
16. Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship by Joshua Harris. I'm thinking of doing a review on it when I'm finished reading it, but we'll see.
17. Urban Decay black eyeliner stub. *sobs* I need more!!!
18. Three Ulta lip sticks. Same story as the sunglasses. :-P
19. My new Mary Kay lip gloss. Not usually a lip gloss kind of girl, but I love this one! ♥
20. My Covergirl lipstick
21. My lipstick shaped pen from my little sister
22. Lip balm! I hate the feeling of bare lips - which is probably why I have so many lip products in my bag!

For those of you wondering why my cell phone and camera are not pictured, my phone is my pocket the majority of every day, my camera was - well it was kind of busy at the moment I took these. *winks*


  1. I'm thinking of doing one of these. What do you think?
    Oh, and I am SO ashamed of you!! You don't have your sonic screw driver in there!!! What if you get board? Have a lot of cabents to put up?
    Do a review on that book. I want to read a review.
    You need to wear your Anne dress more.
    Hm, me thinks you need more lip stick...*Smirks*
    Don't you carry a pocket knife?! I am so getting you one.
    And on an unrelated note, if you find a type writer at one of your trift stores, let me know how much it is. Oh, and when you go through your clothes, don't get rid of any till you tell me what you're getting rid of, please 8-D

  2. In my bag there would be my boble
    tooth brush like you
    book- I love the Anne books like you do!
    note book and pen

    and much more . Come on over and say hi!


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