Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"I don't know that a graveyard is a very good place to go to get cheered up"

beautifully pure personal style fashion modest modesty
beautifully pure personal style fashion modest modesty
beautifully pure personal style fashion modest modesty
"I'm going across to Old St. John's after lunch," said Anne. "I don't know that a graveyard is a very good place to go to get cheered up, but it seems the only get-at-able place where there are trees, and trees I must have. I'll sit on one of those old slabs and shut my eyes and imagine I'm in the Avonlea woods."
~ Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery

Ever since reading Anne of the Island I've loved cemeteries. L.M. Montgomery has a way of making it so romantic and old fashioned. So when I saw one on the drive to my aunt and uncle's house - just a couple minutes walk away - I knew I had to visit it. It turned out to be a perfect place to get some photos - especially with my new tripod. It is so nice. It is small enough to fit in my black purse (the one in the photos) without being noticeable. This will help with my photos so much as I was rather too shy to drag my parents big tripod around the place.

So what do you all think of my new scarf? It was a Christmas gift from my dear big sister, Heather. I love it so much and it was so sweet of her to get me something fashion related since she knows I love fashion - even if she doesn't. The sunglasses are also from her - for my birthday - but I'm going to wait to tell you the story behind those till I get the rest of her birthday present for me.


  1. I love cemeteries too! They just fascinate me, especially old ones. Your pink scarf looks so cheerful and spring-like in the snow. Love it!

  2. DLS, you are very good at putting things together 8-D I really like this one, it is cheerful and very pretty!!! Way to go! I am proud of you. Also I think it is the coolest thing that you have your own website now!!!!!

  3. I like the haircut! Very cute.

  4. I love your socks!! And the new template is very pretty :) I love cemeteries as well and am now very jealous of your tripod. :D

  5. We have a graveyard just a few blocks away from us! I'll probably take some shots there when I get a chance to.

    Thanks for sharing that story of your sister's gift! It means so much more to get something out of thoughtfulness than just whatever, right? I don't care much for the price either. I remember the thought more than anything.

    I like your new haircut too! Very pretty! It fits your face well. Also, high-waisted skirts rock.

  6. I do like the scarf! Its a very pretty colour and goes nicely with your socks!



  7. Cute outfit! Thats a lovely bag :)



  8. awww! Thanks for your lovely visit to our blog, I'm so glad you enjoyed your stay! To answer your question, I have never seen the BBC version, but I may just have to watch it! Your blog is so cut and I love your cemetery photos. I love cemeteries too, in fact, I live right across the street from one. Hope you have a brilliant day!

    Erika X


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