Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Red Rose

This is what I wore two days ago. Trying to keep to the girly-rocker look, and loving my new camera.

One of my best friends, Christina, got home from college for Christmas break this week. I am ecstatic. I've really missed walking with her, and talking to her, and I've simply been wasting away for a good ol' photo shoot with her. Luckilly we are planning on remedying that next week, so stay tuned. I think it is going to turn out really well (that is if I can get the kinks in the outfits worked out...).

Dress - Thrifted
Tights - Merona
Boots - Charlotte Russe
Jacket - Wet Seal
Purse - Sonny Monroe Collection at Target
Sunglasses - Dollar General

1 comment:

  1. First, lovely picture. Though, I am rather fond of pine trees...they are grand for climbing.
    Second, LOVELY dress! I mean, I REALLY like how you did that one. Though, I do like black...and with the bright red, it is just plain pretty. Love you boots too. Boots are always nice 8-D
    Third, was that taken with your new camera? Dumb question I know, but still, thought I would ask. VERY nice picture.
    Fourth, you are very pretty. You make such nice outfits and they always look very nice on you 8-D
    Now, I am off, my dear Watson!
    *Trips out the door*


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