Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wish List Wednesday - Necklaces

Necklaces. Here's a hint of what you'll see in this post: I like gold, I like simple pendants, and I like really long chains. With that said, here is my necklace wish list:

Gettin' Hot Rod in Here Necklace: These days, there are only two things that can make me swoon - big dogs and old cars. Seriously. I especially love cars from the 50's. So when I saw this necklace, I knew I had to have it - and I will... someday...

Locket Like It's Haute: Another thing I like is lockets. Put this many together on a really long chain like that and it's just perfect. <3

Wear Wolf Necklace: I really love this pendant (for no particular reason) but I would definitely put it on a different chain since I don't really like ones that are that short.

This Is Totally a Pipe Necklace: For those days I feel like adding a little Holmes flair to my outfit. <3 style="font-style: italic;">Sherlock, the new Masterpiece Theater adaption of Sherlock Holmes, let me highly recommend it!)

Brobdingnag Locket: A rather large, very simple, versatile locket on a long chain. What's not to like?


  1. What lovely taste you have! That car necklace is just too snazzy!

    So here's to things that we'll have...someday... (:

  2. I too love vintage cars! That necklace is the bomb! I also love the pipe necklace! I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and also of pipes (seriously, pipe tobacco smells so good). And I love the new Sherlock adaptation, Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing as Sherlock Holmes.

  3. @Amber Rose - Aww! Thanks! You leave the nicest comments! <3

    @Miss Black - Yay for vintage car lovers!! :D And also yay for Sherlock Holmes fans. My big sis and I have nicknamed each other "Sherlock" and "Watson" but despite the fact that I'm Watson, I am constantly drawn to things that remind me of Sherlock Holmes - maybe it's because I love my sister so darn much. <3
    When I first agreed to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downy Jr, I swore I would not like him as Sherlock more than I liked Basil Rathbone as Sherlock - and then I did. And then I saw the new adaption, and I swore I would not like him more than RBJR- and I did. >.< Jude Law is still my favorite Watson, though. He's the only one who can give it to Sherlock as well as he takes it. :D

  4. I love the old series too, but it's never on PBS anymore :( And I only have one problem with Robert Downey Jr is that he's far too short to really be Holmes. Other than that, he's great! And Jude Law = amazing :)

  5. Downey Jr. is short 8-D But agreed, Law even looks like Watson! He is one of my favorites but I like the new Watson too, he is so very sweet. I like the new Sherlock as well, they are doing a good job with the shows, I think, keeping them very much like the books which is just cool! And I love how they are doing Sherlock! It is just great 8-D

  6. I adore lockets. I never put a picture in mine but they're just so cute. That necklace with all the lockets on it is perfect!


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