Sunday, December 30, 2012

Favorite Outfits of 2012

1. Geek Chic - 1/4/12
2. Cranberry 1/3/12
3. If I Walk Away 2/14/12
4. Behind the Clouds 2/20/12
5. Across the Universe of Time 3/28/12
6. Fighting Dragons 3/29/12
7. Mad Girl With a Dress 4/11/12
8. Lake Forest + Daily Outfit 4/12/12
9. Shine No Matter Where You Are 5/17/12
10. A Sock Hop Beneath My Bed 6/18/12
11. Sister Gypsy 7/17/12
12. Dreamy Things 7/16/12
13. We Don't Even Have to Try 7/23/12
14. My Rock Candy Passion 7/25/12
15. I Threw a Wish in the Well 8/8/12
16. I Left My Heart in Metropolis 8/16/12
17. Work of Art 9/20/12
18. Got My Heart Where My Head Should Be 9/28/12
19. La La Land 10/4/12
20. The Dowager Countess 10/12/12
21. Firework 10/19/12
22. All Hollows Eve 11/2/12
23. Like a Girl 11/16/12
24. When Can I See You Again 11/13/12
25. Little Red Riding Hood 12/10/12
26. Sew Lovely Dress 12/13/12


  1. Hi

    My favorites are: 6,7,11,14,21 and 23

    Happy new year! May it bring everything you wished for!!
    X Audrey

  2. I love 6 and 12. Happy New Year! :)


  3. So beautiful!! Stopping by from Sugar and Dots- just wanted to say hello. :) Have a wonderful week and a very happy 2013! XO

  4. LOVE your style, girl! (:


  5. Hi dear :) I love you blog, I'm definitely following :) Hope you stop by at my blog too and follow back if you like it :)

    Mia :*

  6. I really love your blog, dear! Great pictures of great outfits and great handbags! I can't wait to see what else you have in store :)

    Queen Bee of Beverly Hills, CEO

  7. Hi! Just randomed over from a comment you made on "Someone Like You .." and what a wonderful! post to open with - really gives me a sense of the technicolor celebration & lightness that your dressing is all about :) I smiled and nodded when I read ur country description: that's about where I'm at right now (the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia - don't let the big cities like Harrisonburg throw u a curve - stick to places w/ names like Dayton & Shenandoah) & when I lived in the country in Georgia ... I do hope that * someday* u will find such a place to live in!

  8. I love the remixes of the red and blue fancier dresses! So pretty! Also I didn't notice until this post that your photos are shot landscape (sideways as opposed to up and down). VEry cool.


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