Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Whovian Gift Guide

1. Doctor Who Poster: The Angels Take Manhattan - 11"x17" Science Fiction Art Print
2. Doctor Who Poster: Forest of the Dead - 11x17 Science Fiction Art Print
3. Doctor Who Poster: Doomsday - 11x17 Science Fiction Art Print
4. Red apple Necklace, Sparkle Bitten Apple
5. Doctor Who Dalek ring
6. Keep Calm and Don't Blink Babydoll
7. Polymer Clay 3D Glasses Necklace
8. 10th Doctor Costume Tee
9. Doctor Who inspired plush pillow, Matt Smith, 11th Dr decorative pillow
10. Doctor Who plush pillow, David Tennent, 10th Dr decorative pillow
11. Red High Top Shoe Stud Earrings


  1. OMG, love these gifts! i'm definitely putting some of these gifts on my own Christmas list!!

    xx Audrey

  2. The Keep Calm and Don't Blink tee shirt is cool.

  3. As a true Whovian - I love everything from this list! omg.
    Une Dandizette

  4. Oh my...these are all so adorable! I want every single one, haha! I love those pillows...I may have to try my hand at making a couple!

    Decked Out In Ruffles

  5. AHH!! This list is perfect! I wouldn't mind owning everything on this list. :D

    Bramblewood Fashion

  6. This is adorable!!


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