Tuesday, December 18, 2012

18 Before 19 Revisited

It's my birthday! - as Repunzel would say - and, in honor of turning 19 I decided to take a moment to revisit my 18 before 19 list...

1. Get my drivers license
2. Set up a pretty blogging space
3. Have a good head start on my dream wardrobe
4. Get a pickup truck
5. Get a DSLR camera of my own
6. Post regularly
7. Do more DIYs
8. Don't save nice outfits just for special days
9. Get my 120 film developed
10. Have an amazing grad party
11. Sponsor at least one blog every month
12. Write a book
13. Go on a road trip without my family
14. Get more organized
15. Try at least three new things that scare me
16. Have a clear work time and a clear break time
17. Find my signature fragrance and purchase it
18. Make new friends See Owl City live again

Even though I only got half the stuff done (and I'm counting my original goal of making new friends instead of the one I ended up replacing it with since my uncle's wedding made it impossible to see Owl City live again. :-P), I'm still really excited about everything I did this year. There is so much that's not on that list!
I graduated high school.
I got my first job.
Drove to Chicago all by myself - several times!
Bought my first pair of designer shoes with the money I made from said job.
I got to attend three weddings as a photographer.
I got over my fear of driving on the highway.
I got to see the movie I've been waiting to see since I was 6 years old (or at least, the first part of it)
And I was the best version of me I've ever been before. I can't wait to see how God changes me this year, and He has in store for me!

Have any of you done a xx before xx list before? I'd love to hear how many you were able to cross off + what they were! I'm hoping to share my 19 before 20 list later this week. *wink*


  1. I never made a list like this, but I have read a few blog posts about these. I feel like I should make one...maybe it will make me more goal oriented. :)


  2. Way to go! And of course, Happy Birthday, Katie! :)

    I make lists all the time. I usually make one big one at the beginning of the year with big goals (like yours) and then each season I make another one but smaller. On Friday I start a winter list! I like having them around to make sure I keep doing fun things and don't turn into a boring adult. lol

  3. Happy Birthday! And well done on getting at least part of your list done. I used to make these all the time and every single time I only managed one or two. I made a new list about a year ago, but this time with no time limit on it, admittedly I haven't done a lot of it yet, but having it there to remind me of my plans for my future is a great motivator xo

  4. Love this idea! Now I'm going to make myself one of these lists. :)

  5. Happy birthday, I hope it was a great one! Congrats on accomplishing so much this year, I hope next year is just as great for you! Also, I'm glad to have helped give you a reason to drive into Chicago once ;)

  6. I turn 19 in March! I think I might make a 19 before 20 list. :)


  7. Way to go on your list! Mine was about the same as yours not all of it is done but I still feel good about what I accomplished.



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