Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

1. Couldn't Be Nicer Dress
2. Always on Tea Time Planner
3. Orange Sherbet Punch Dress
4. Thoroughly Modern Musician Headphones in Raspberry
5. Love Me Duo Dress
6. Bunny in Wonderland Oxfords in Mint
7. Charter School Cardigan in Raspberry
8. Do It the Bright Way Sandal


  1. Those oxford shoes and simply delightful, I am pretty smitten with them. And I love the color choice for your wish list, so wonderful!

  2. I need those headphones in my life! If only they weren't so pricey!

  3. I like everything here, goob job!

  4. I want those blue shoes. Those are so cool! Aw, blue oxfords. Want can be better unless they are saddle shoes

  5. i've been soo wanting those le bunny bleu oxfords!! they are to die for. xoxo

  6. OHHHHH! I love the colours! and those oxfords? they are not officially on my wishlist!!! happy day!

  7. The overall color palette here is lovely! I was immediately drawn to that Orange Sherbet dress and those Mint oxfords. Do want!

    Thanks for sharing!

    - Robyn


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