Thursday, April 19, 2012

18 Before 19 (Again)

Two weeks ago when I took a blogging break I decided to re-write my 18 before 19 list. I realized there was a lot of stuff on there that I wasn't really in control of. Like, too many things that were too many activities on it instead of habits to break/form - which is what I really wanted the list to be about. So, I sat down and took off a lot of stuff and added new stuff. The above is a picture of the new list. But in case you can't read it (the lighting was terrible) I'll type it out below:

1. Get my drivers license (done!)
2. Set up a pretty blogging space
3. Have a good head start on my dream wardrobe (I have so many clothes left over from my early teen years that are not my style at all anymore and I hate them cluttering up my closet but I have nothing to replace them with, yet!)
4. Get a pickup truck
5. Get a DSLR camera of my own
6. Post regularly
7. Do more DIYs
8. Don't save nice outfits just for special days
9. Get my 120 film developed
10. Have an amazing grad party
11. Sponsor at least one blog every month (just sort of a personal challenge *winks*)
12. Write a book (more on that later!!)
13. Go on a road trip without my family
14. Get more organized
15. Try at least three new things that scare me
16. Have a clear work time and a clear break time (taking a page from Enya's book here!)
17. Find my signature fragrance and purchase it
18. Make new friends See Owl City live again (who needs friends when you can be in the same room as Adam Young and Breanne Duren!?)

Do any of you have x before x posts? Comment and tell me about yours! I just love seeing what everyone puts on their lists! ♥


  1. This is my first year doing the x before x and I really like it! I am progressing pretty good so far.

  2. I love doing x before x+1 lists. I've got my 18 before 19 list and like you on it is getting my drivers (finally). Seen as I am turning 19 in a few months I've been really working on getting the things done. I've a few to do! LIKE learn a few cords on the guitar :P. Busy busy busy! Yours looks lovely! Good luck

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