Tuesday, April 10, 2012

20 Things to do When You're in a Funk

Last week I took an impromptu blogging break. I just needed to stop and relax for a bit. When I started planning the post for the this week, I realized that I'd had this post planned for months, but never got around to posting it. After my break seemed like the perfect time! These are some of my favorite things to do when I just need to get cheered up! ♥


  1. Oh these are good ideas. :) love this

  2. WOW i can't believe how many of these things are things that i do every single time i'm stressed. namely, bathing, buying new music, and singing loudly. i do all of those things! haha! so cool. thank you so so much for your comments! i'm so bad at getting back to people and commenting back but i'm really trying to fix that ;) your blog layout is beautiful (get it!?), if i haven't said that before!

  3. i love this! i will use this whenever im feeling down.


  4. wonderful list. my go-to activity when i'm depressed is a nice, hot bath. i'm usually totally calm and relaxed afterwards. xo

  5. You have complied a great list! I have done quite a few of these in the past and know full well there power to help me unwind and get back to being the best version of myself. :)


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