Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Banana Tree Studios Deer Head Wall Mount

I have a thing for deer lately. Deer necklaces, rings, dresses, etc. I love it all. I blame the fact that ever since my early teen years I've known lots of hunters, but whatever. I love deer, and one of my favorite deer themed products are these resin deer head wall mounts from Banana Tree Studios. They're such a chic, country inspired look. ♥

I think my favorite is the white one although I do love the fabric covered one, as well. If I had a house in which to hang one, I so would - even if just as a jewelry holder.


  1. I've been on the hunt for a cute deer t-shirt to wear with my high-waisted jeans! Deer really are the cutest. :p

  2. I think there is something both adorable and noble about deer. (Blame my childhood obsession of Bambi.)

    Those decorations are awesome! My favorite is the patterned one. I would probably use it as a jewelry hanger too, haha.

  3. those are really pretty! and so are deers. i'm fascinated by animal anatomy, so i think the reason i love deers is because of their thin, spindly legs. :)



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