Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Instagram Photos

1. My new Spotted Moth dress for my graduation  2. I am so tempted to wear my new dress with my Converses for my grad party!  3. Packing for a weekend trip with the fam  4. Molly eating ice cream  5. Large game marinade  6. Bever puppets! So cute.  7. Game duster! Lol! When a regular ol' feather duster just won't do! :D  8. Ain't I purdy??  9. My miracle store. <3

Friday night Molly and I decided that we needed a girls night out since she’s had her drivers license for a year and we’ve yet to go anywhere just the two of us besides the thrift store or McDonalds - which isn’t a proper girl’s night out. So, of course, we decided to go to Scheels - the ultimate store for a girl’s night out! If you haven’t been there before, it’s sorta like Dicks Sporting Goods meets Bass Pro Shops, meets J.C. Penny’s, meets a museum, meets a carnival. I am not even joking. They have regular sporting goods (biking, basketball, baseball etc.) outdoors-y stuff (tents, guns, camouflage stuff, fishing stuff, kaiaking stuff, etc), designer clothes for women (Fossil, Uggs, Born, etc), wax figures of presidents, a small bowling alley, a ferris wheel (inside the building!), NASCAR simulator and a caffe with pretzels, gelato, fudge, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, etc! It was crazy and amazing, and we have a blast! Even if we did get lost in the parking lot for five minutes, lol. 


  1. I've never heard of Scheels before. I want to go!

    :) Seriously love that red dress on you. and... who says I can't wear my converse with my dress oh BABEHHHH that's just me.

  2. I have that same dress in blue from Modcloth! Its probably my favorite dress ever :D I don't know about you, but mine fit perfectly and made me feel like such a little princess X-) I think its actually cute with the converse ;)


  3. Such a cool dress! You might have inspired me to go and put on a dress too today;)

  4. The red dress looks gorgeous! And I love the photos, instagram is fabulous <3

  5. I want your dress. In green. And I want a pair of high converses, like the Doctor's that I can wear with it. NO! I want a pair of cool, tall black boots! And a spy hat, sunglasses, and a leather jacket! And white gloves, maybe...

    Anyways, off my rant. Wear your converses. I'm all for it. With a cute headband. And your car necklace. You'll walk out at your party and everyone will go 8-O WOW! And I will smirk and say, "Oh yeah, she's cool!" And then I will go sneak some mints. You will have mints won't you? At least a few so I can sneak them? You know the kind, the one's Sarah had at the wedding.

    You should spin in that dress. It looks grand for spinning. That is probably the best spinny skirt I have ever laid eyes on. Have you spun in it yet? If not you should, in honor of me.

    Okay, so, I was going to push the post comment button when I realized I am under the wrong user name. So, I couldn't do that. So now I will ramble more, until I change accounts.

    I want to go out for ice cream. I've not had ice cream...since you came I think. No, we went out for my cousin's birthday, I forgot, but not my brother's. He broke our tradition. The twerp. You won't break that tradition, will you?

    We will go to Bass Pro Shoppe when you come, and maybe we can even go to Cabelas. You would love it there. We like it even more then Bass Pro Shoppe. They have a lot of stuffed animals there - and I don't mean the kind you can sleep with but the ones that have been shot and stuffed.

    And now I am going to go before I write a book.

    A Bit Unlikely,

  6. that dress is SO cute! the shirt you're wearing in the other photos is super cute too! :)


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