Monday, April 25, 2011

When in Nashville Wear Florals

This is what I wore last Thursday to visit the Parthenon in Nashville. I'm sorry it's taking me so long to get pictures up, but I'm spending most of my time with my big sister and her mom.

The Parthenon was a lot of fun. My big sister especially liked it, since she's a total history geek. *grins* But it was really fun to see what it might have looked like after it was completed, and to learn about all the figures on top of it.

And this little guy I'm holding goes by the name "Jarvis." He is my big sister's father's GPS. He let us borrow it so we won't get lost and we named him Jarvis, fed him lunch, and took him to try on shoes - among other things. This is what happens when you put two bored girls in the car for a week. We've even started arguing with him, and Mrs. Knisley and I have been heard to call him terms of endearment once or twice. *winks*

Outfit Details:
Dress - Red Dress Shoppe
White Skirt - Merona
Shoes - Merona
Belt - H&M
Jacket - Old Navy (swaped)
Sunglasses - Clairs via my big sister (she's so sweet!)


  1. Lovely dress/skirt combination :) and beautiful photos of the Parthenon too! Jarvis looks like a handsome cartographer ;)

  2. I love how you made the dress more modest by lengthening the hemline with a skirt I've tried that before, but it never comes out quite right! :) But you did a great job.
    A modest Fashion Blog:

  3. That is one heck of a gorgeous building! I love your sun glasses! Do I say that to much? .....

  4. Cute, cute, cute. Especially the sunglasses. The parthenon is one of my absolute favorite places!

  5. You're so lucky - you get to go to Nashville! I love your sunglasses, too!


  6. Wow, the buildings are beautiful (and so is your outfit!) I love your floral dress, and the breast poclet on your jacket is adorable!


  7. I just found your blog through Upside of Wonder's and I must say, you have quite lovely style:) I just love the dress/skirt combination and everything else about your outfit. So romantic. Beautiful all around.

  8. You are beautiful.. and I wish so dearly that we could have met up! We will have our day!!! <3

  9. Woah that building is beautiful! I love the floral sunglasses, too.

  10. I'm new to blogging and just found your blog! Lovely dress and beautiful photos :)


  11. I adore every detail of your outfit! Those glasses and the frames, the hue of your floral dress, the silhouette--simply gorgeous.

    Lovely blog :)

  12. great look ^^ I adore the flower dress! x

  13. Beautiful!! I'm so happy I discovered your blog via Amanda:) Those shoes are awesome too. Did you buy them recently?

  14. Hey Katie!

    I just wanted to drop you some encouragement!

    About a year ago I discovered your blog. Looking back in the archives, I found this wonderful post.
    I was SO inspired by your idea of putting a white "petticoatesque" skirt under a shorter dress! What a wonderful way to be more modest and stretch your wardrobe! You basically inspired my entire summer church wardrobe and salvaged half my closet! Thank you for your dedication to modesty!

    I am a Christian and a homeschooler just like you! Keep up the amazing work with your blog! Don't let people bring you down. You are a city upon a hill.

    Thank you again!



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