Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bring on All the [contenders]!

I used to know a girl. A fearless girl. A girl who knew exactly what she wanted, and was willing to fight anyone who tried to stop her. So how did that girl become so frightened?

This blog has never been just blog to me. I've never mentioned it much on here, but I have a dream of opening my own clothing store. A store that would sell dresses for fashionable, modesty concerned/tall girls. I call it The Girl in the Purple dress.

From the very beginning I've known that having a successful blog could help my dream be successful. That's not the only reason I blog - of course I love the creative outlet, meeting such amazing friends, and sharing so much of my life and passions with all my lovely readers. But then my blog started gaining followers. At first I was so excited and happy. And then - well, I'm not really sure what happened. Maybe it was that my family started thinking I was vain, superficial and lazy. Maybe it was that this was the first blog I've ever taken seriously, and it seemed so big. Sixty followers is more than half way to a hundred, after all, and that number is looming ever closer. Maybe it was a combination of both. For whatever reason I got scared - petrified. I'm scared to fail, but I'm just as scared to succeed.

If I fail I will be the little girl with a dumb dream. But if I succeed I'll stay the vain, superficial, shallow young lady.

So am I going to stay the scared little girl who is only ever really herself when all the rest of the house is in bed? Dressing up and dancing around to Taylor Swift thinking of all the things she would love to do if only she weren't so scared? No. I am going to become a contender. Because only after I've become a contender can I become a champion. I am going to be the girl I want to be - the one I am sure is the one God wants me to be. He has a way of getting his message across.

"And cynics were outraged
Crying 'this is absurd'
'Cause for a moment a bunch of [girls]
In [thrifted frocks] got to rule the world!"


  1. GO Katie! I love your dream Katie! If God has really put this on your heart, go for it:D He's not just messing with your dreams. God will help you succeed, every single step of the way:)

  2. Yuck! Don't worry what your family thinks or what anyone thinks.

    You have very cute style and the only person who can hold you back from your goal is yourself.

    It's vain to blog, sure, but if you want to work in fashion/retail you need to hone this craft of dressing well.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. getting all those followers is a good thing. I'm sorry your family thinks you are being a bit vain. I AM vain and it is an issue I have been feeling really convicted of lately, so I've been discussing things about my own blog lately with my husband so I can concentrate on R-EO and family and my church instead. Anyway I love your blog because it makes me really feel happy to see a young lady who is willing to not fit into the mold of women's portrayal from society!!! I love it.

  4. Your blog is such fun. It's a great read and your style is awesome. Sorry to hear your family is not being very supportive.

  5. Vain and lazy? I've never seen that in you. I don't know if it helps, but you're an inspiration to me. Wishing you the best, Hannah.


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