Friday, April 22, 2011

Sail Away

Yesterday we turned off the main highway to visit a "brown sign" location. My big sister Heather loves the historic locations so we stopped at a historic lake to get some pictures. I took a bunch more of the two of us, but I haven't finished editing them yet. *winks*

My big sister got me the bowler hat, and I bought the shoes for myself a couple weeks ago. I really love how they look together. <3

Outfit Details:
Dress - Made by me
Jacket - Wet Seal
Shoes - Rue 21
Belt - H&M
Hat - Gift from my big sister
Sunglasses - ModCloth via gift from my big sister


  1. What a cute outfit! And I'm totally jealous of your beautiful water backgrounds! I suppose I have those too, the water is just in a different form! *WinK* I.E Snow...shhh! *GRIN*
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. So pretty. I love the bowler and shoes together too!

  3. I just love your sun glasses! AdorableXD

  4. The print on that dress is too adorable. I love the bowler hat too! I am becoming so obsessed with hats lately.


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