Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Faerie Queen Photo Shoot

This weekend my grandparents and Molly and her sister visited my aunt and uncle. Since my aunt and uncle only live about and hour and a half from us, we visited them all on Sunday. Molly and I took the opportunity to have a photo shoot. More pictures on my Flickr page.


  1. very cute. I like her headpiece!!! so pretty.

  2. I just love Molly's style - it reminds me of soda shopes and bikes and juke boxes. I like how you did the light, I mean angled the camera...however you got the light to look so soft around her.
    These are very cute 8-D It looks like you two had fun. 8-D Very nice pictures of a very lovely friend.

  3. Oh I like the way the pictures turned out, Katie! :) That was so much fun to go on a photo shoot with you -- even if we did have to sneak out the back door and get rained on on the way back. <3 We should do another photo shoot when we see each other next -- and hopefully I'll have a pretty floral spring dress by then. Oh and Anna has her bike, so we can always use it as a prop. :D very vintage looking. Love you, lots! *hugs*


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