Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm Free to be Me // Daily Outfit + Accepting Ourselves

In my pre-teen/early teen years I remember that there were two things I was really self-conscious of: the first was my height, and the second my humongous overbite. (No, seriously, it's almost a centimeter in length.) I thought that I couldn't wear any heels over three inches tall because I was already 5' 8" - even though my favorite look was four inches and above, and I thought I looked like a gopher when I smiled, so I wouldn't ever post any photos online of me smiling "with teeth."

Over the past couple of years, though, I've come to appreciate myself for what I am. I'm tall, and I like heels that make me at least six feet high - so what? Does that mean that I should stop wearing them? Absolutely not! I love big heels and I'm tall - that's just who I am!

And as for my overbite, it actually kind of fits my personality. I'm not elegant and I'm not graceful. I am, to be honest, I'm a lot like Anne Shirley - especially with the getting into trouble doing stupid things. (I would totally chase a cow across a muddy field in my nice dress if need be!) I'm pretty crazy, I talk loudly,  and my teeth aren't perfect, and that's ok. I kind of like that about myself, because it's what makes me unique. It's like my mom says: I've got the personality of a dwarf with the looks of an elf - which means that I got the best of both worlds! (Come on! You *know* you were at least a little irritated when the elves wouldn't even help the dwarves get everyone out of Erebor in the Hobbit.) And when my photos turn out a little silly looking, that's ok, because that's just how I am. I'm actually starting to enjoy posting the crazy ones - all the neat and proper ones are all well and good, but that's definitely not all there is to me, and I'm starting to like showing the crazy side!

So what I'm trying to say is: if there's something about you that you don't like, instead of hiding it and trying to pretend it doesn't exist, try to find a way to rock it. Because it's our "imperfections" that make us unique. There are thousands of Victoria Secret's Angels out there, but what makes the characters were love in books so much so loved is their imperfections - just like with us. 

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dress: borrowed from Molly
JC Litas: Urban Outfitters
belt: Pitaya
bracelet: vintage
jacket: Old Navy via Ebay
title: Summer Day Dreams by Breanne Duren


  1. Hey, I was five-foot-six when I was eleven years old, so I definitely know the feeling! Such a great reminder, though. And I love how you're always mixing such pretty bright colors!

  2. Such a pretty dress, and I love the shoes! And you are beautiful and I think those details about people make them SO much more interesting and captivating! :)

    xox Sammi

  3. It's good to hear that you have accepted your flaws and are embracing them! You're right...there's no reason why you shouldn't wear heels. If you like them, wear them! :) I always avoided peep-toe shoes because I think my toes are ugly, but I have slowly been becoming more open to them...haha. By the way...I love all the bright colors in this outfit. It's perfect for the season! :) And as for LOTR characters...I think I'd probably either be a hobbit or an elf. :)

  4. Fun fun, lighthearted photos. Many of us are still trying to live WITH our flaws.

  5. I love your dresses so much! I am definitely gonna keep on reading!:)

  6. Word. What an EXCELLENT post. Being tall is awesome, if that's what you are! I love that you're accentuating it!

  7. Amen to this :) Rocking those heels!

    xo Kelli

  8. I love that last picture! And you're getting a lot of wear out of those shoes (which I also love) And I totally agree about looking the little physical quirks about ourselves, I have a slight gap in between my teo front teeth, and always thought it was kinda cool but always was made fun of for it, but now....look what's on trend. lol


  9. I totally agree - it's our imperfections that make us unique and wonderful. And they really shouldn't even be called imperfections! I feel like there is too much pressure, esp on young girls, that they think they have to live up to some standard of what they think is perfect. But in most cases what they see are Photoshopped images and unrealistic expectations. Good for you for embracing the little parts of you :)
    I love that floral dress you are wearing. You are so pretty girl :) xo

  10. Aww you are lovely to me! Great post!
    I am 5'9" and wear 3-4" heels and it makes my husband 6-7" shorter than me when I do that hahahaha. I don't care though. I love being tall! I always liked my height though. You are right that there are parts that we can grow to love. I used to have my legs so much that I only wore pants all the time. They were so lanky and twiggy and I got made fun of for them. They have filled out though and I love them now. I also hated my skinny arms and covered them with bracelets because I didn't want people to see them. Now I wear maybe a bracelet (compared to 300). haha. It is nice when you start learning to love pieces of yourself you never were fond of before! You are beautiful!

  11. I love that dress! And LOVE the teal accessories. Teal is such a great colour!
    And I think you're lovely, just as you are!



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