Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day // Daily Outfit + Little Adventures

On Mother's Day my family has a tradition of making my mom brunch, and then going antiquing in some of the little towns out west of us. This year was no exception, except that it was bitterly cold! (Ok, "bitterly" might be a bit of an exageration, but low fifties in the middle of May is pretty stinkin' cold for Chicago land!) There's an ice cream stand that offers free ice cream to mothers on Mother's Day out in one of the little towns, so we always go there for ice cream, and this year we got hot dogs and fries as well - it was delicious!

The night before I had a mini-fit because I had no idea what to wear (sometimes I take things like clothes a little too seriously) but I ended up deciding on my little shop-printed dress, since it seemed apropriate. *winks* I even added my Gettin' Hot Rod in Here necklace from ModCloth, so there's a car to drive on the roads! I know, I know, I'm really lame, but I don't care.

Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays. We get to spend a lot of good, family time together, and show my mom how special she is to us. It's been an especially special holiday to me the last couple years, since I've realised just how much I owe to her. I honestly wouldn't be the person I am today without my mom. I love you, mom!

P.S. Check out my FaceBook page to see what my littlest sister did while my mom was taking my outfit photos!


♥ ♥ ♥       
dress: made by Molly
belt: Plato's Closet
JC Litas: Urban Outfitters
cardigan: Maurice's
necklace: ModCloth
tote bag: ModCloth
jacket: Old Navy via Ebay


  1. Love the dress and your shooooooes!! :)
    I love Mothers' Day, too...


  2. Hi Katie! I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to email me in response to the questions I'd asked, that was just so sweet of you and I really appreciated it! (And I do so love photography talk, it's fun.)

    This post is so sweet, I love seeing girl(and boys) who love their moms and this post is very heartfelt. It's cute seeing you, your momma, and you sis, you all look SO alike!

  3. It is so sweet that you said that Mother's Day is one of your favorite holidays when you are the daughter.
    Your mom and sister are darling. Aww. I love that you make brunch for your mom! See, this is why I need a daughter hahaha.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother' Day! What a great tradition! Your dress is so cute and matches your cone perfectly!

    Also, your sister is so adorable - those bloopers are hilarious!


  5. So lovely - what a twirly skirt! :) I love the Peter Pan collar as well.

  6. Oh my goodness you look darling!! I've been obsessed with those shoes forever, so jealous! And that dress is so dang cute! Plus, your hair is just unfairly gorgeous.
    I'm hosting a Summer Style Link-up on my blog today if you wanna join in!


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