Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Day Dreams // Daily Outfit

One of the things I love about working retail is getting days off during the week. Hardly anyone else is out at those times, and since my family is busy with school/work I get the whole day to myself. Days like this are heaven sometimes. I get all dressed up, run some errands, take photos, and work on my blog. Basically I get everything done that I want to get done.

I've been feeling really great, lately. It's so nice to have some time to worry about myself without bending over backwards trying to apease other people. It's a great feeling to be able to go through life without worring that someone will be judging me because of the skirt I wore; or dropping what I wanted to do/planned on doing so I won't get yelled at later on. Basically, it's really nice to have a little less drama in life. 

In other news, what do you all think of my new skirt, bracelet and necklace? The skirt is from Shabby Apple via the gift certificate I recived from the giveaway over at Bubby and Bean's last mont. I was so excited! This was the first time I've ever won a blog giveaway. It really is the little things in life. *winks*

The bracelet is from the lovely people over at Fleet for participating in their Found by Fleet contest. It was a really unexpected surprise, and even though I'm not a huge fan of silver, I really like this piece! (Is it possible that silver is gowing on me!?)

And as for the necklace, well that's just a little something I picked up at one of the antique stores on Mother's Day for a mear $3. I swear this is the fourth time in a row I've gone to the same little antique store and walked out with another piece of jewelery. They have the best stuff + prices! 

♥ ♥ ♥       
skirt: Shabby Apple via gift card
blouse: Maurice's
JC Litas: Urban Outfitters
belt: Pitaya
necklace: vintage
tote bag: gift from ModCloth
gold bracelet: vintage
silver bracelet: gift from Fleet
lipstick: Kat Von D 's Painted Love in Underage Red
title: Summer Day Dreams by Breanne Duren


  1. I am SO jealous of the fact that you can wear these shoes. Absolutely adorable outfit!

  2. What a gorgeous day! You look so fresh and spring-y. :) But the sign confuses me--do you live in the UK??

  3. Days off during the week ARE absolute heaven. I get Wednesdays off and it's definitely one of my favorite days because of it. I love that nowhere is really busy and that I get a me day in the middle of the work week to just relax and do things that matter to me like take pictures, sleep in, adventure, make food, go shopping, etc. It's the best!

  4. I love the skirt and your shoes are amazing! The black and white photo with the color left in the shoes is so cool. Winning giveaways is just about the best little thing ever! Glad you got to enjoy a mid week day off :)
    Hope you're having a great day!
    xo Hannah

  5. I'm in love every time you wear these shoes! Great outfit and I miss my retail job days because of the free days! Enjoy yours!


  6. These pictures are just so gorgeous! I really love that belt too - the color is just so perfect!


  7. I got that bracelet from Fleet too when I won in October's contest! Yey! I also just posted (a couple days ago) a photoset of me in the same skirt that I won from a giveaway but you wear it sooooo much better than me with those cool heels, matching belt, and all. I'm so plain! Amazing outfit!! Bravo!!!

  8. This is such a sweet spring outfit, Katie! I love it + the photograph of you in black/white with your Litas in color.

    P.S. I got your email! :)

  9. Love your outfit so cute. I love that picture of you in black and white.
    You picked some cute things with your giveaway win.

    X Audrey
    P.S. I'm hosting a OASAP giveaway, feel free to join!

  10. Gorgeous perfection!! I want your hair. And the lips and glasses are awesome, plus your outfit is darling! I love Shabby Apple but have yet to buy anything. Your skirt is adorable and I'm still in love with the litas!

  11. this might be one of my fave outfits you've posted! Great find on that necklace :)

    -- Abby Staffieri
    (formerly of

  12. I am adoring that skirt! And it has been well paired with the lace of the shirt too.


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