Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Livy Love Designs 50% Off Sale!

If you read my room tour post you may remember that I have multiple prints from Livy Love Designs. So when I heard that she's having a 50% off sale, I knew I had to let all you lovely guys and gals in on it!

I am such a huge fan of Diana's work! The designs are gorgeous, and the quality is great - not to mention  that there are so many perfect prints! I really want to start collecting one state print for every state I've been in. I hope to have at least 48-50 some day! 

If you've never ordered any of Livy Love Design's prints (or stickers, or buttons!) I encourage you to use this opourtunity to get some great artwork! Just use the code: summer50 to get 50% off, now through the 27th!

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