Monday, June 3, 2013

How Missing Me Feels // Daily Outfit

Well you thought I’d wait around forever
But baby get real
I just kicked you to the curb
In my red high heels

Oh you can watch me walk if you want to, want to
I’ll bet you want me back now don’t you, don’t you
I’m about to show you just how missin’ me feels
In my red high heels

~ Red High Heels by Kellie Pickler

Do you know what feels amazing? Closure.

I'm one of those people who hate "what if" situations. I avoid them like the plague. I'd rather make a mistake that I have to fix later than go through life wondering "what if." It's a big part of the reason I have so much trouble making up my mind about things. So when an old friend I haven't talked to in over a year came back with a short apology and a request to be friends again, I really wasn't sure what to do. Especially not when he admitted that he knows I used to have a crush on him, and that he realized that he likes me, too. What??

After a lot of thought - and a good night's sleep - I decided that I couldn't get dragged into that, and so refrained from going all Kellie Pickler/Carrie Underwood on him, (I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to send him a link to Red High Heels as my entire response!) and responded as nicely as I could. And as thanks for that I get back a response saying how I'm not as great as he thought I was. Are you kidding me!?

But in a strange way it was really satisfying, because now I have complete and total closure. I will never wonder what would have happened had I tried to be friends again. I'll never, ever again miss him. I've seen his true colors, and I know I deserve better. (So I busted out a little of the Carrie Underwood spirit in me, and replied one last time before blocking him on FaceBook *winks*)

I really can't tell you all how good it feels to finally be away from him and his family. It's such a relief and a breath of fresh air. ♥

In other news I'm pretty sure this outfit is the perfect summer outfit for work. It's cute, light, breezy and I don't have to worry about flashing anyone while bending down/standing up. I picked up the shorts at Francesca's Collections last week for a whopping $10. They're a bit big in the waist, but a safety pin fixes that until I can get them to the tailor. *winks*

Hope your week is going great so far, lovelies!



♥ ♥ ♥       
shorts: Francesca's Collectiosn
blouse: Maurice's
shoes: Sofft
necklace: Pitaya
tote bag: gift from ModCloth
lipstick: Kat Von D 's Painted Love in Underage Red
title: Red High Heels by Kellie Pickler


  1. This outfit is so cute! That top is really lovely.

  2. Closure is fab. Well done you for sticking to your guns. Love the top, too :) Rosie x

  3. I love your shoes and necklace! Where'd you get them and for how much?

    In His Service,
    Hannah Boyd

    1. Thanks so much! The necklace I got from a store in Chicago called pitay. I think it was around $10. They have a website that I linked to in the post above.

      The shoes are from a company called Sofft. The store I work at carries that brand and our sales rep decided to send a few of the sales people at our store a free pair each. Needless to say I was excited! You should be able to find them online, if you want. The style name is the Blaise.

      Hope this helps! :)

  4. I love this outfit! Those shorts are too cute!
    Closure is amazing. I can't stand what ifs either, and I absolutely hate it when I don't do something and for months and maybe even years after I wonder what would have happened if I had done it (or vice versa). Good job telling him how you really felt, and his response shows that you said the right thing.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  5. This is lovely! I love those shorts :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  6. I LOVE francesca's! I got these really cute navy shorts with fans on them (like asian kind of) and I'm in love with them. But good for you for going a little Kellie Pickler on him! I was in a similar situation a few months ago and it is awkward, but freeing! Good on ya.

    Allie @

  7. so so pretty! i'm jealous of your lovely hair. i'm trying so hard not to chop mine off again. Britt @

  8. I love that song! And I think you did the right thing! My mom always says "kill 'em with kindness" which seems to be how you responded. And I love your necklace and top!


  9. I'm the same way! I hate "what if's" and would rather take the chance instead of wondering what might have happened.

  10. Your writing just blows me away! I love your honesty on this blog. I'm happy that you got closure. It's a wonderful thing (feeling?) to receive.

  11. You look cute and you done the right thing. He's def. not worth your time!

    Love your shorts, they are really cute.

    x Audrey

  12. So he said an apology and that he liked you and when he got turned down nicely he thought you weren't as great as he thought. . .that is so strange to me. What an odd guy thing to do. You'd think that he'd pursue you more after that. I am so glad that you were able to be honest and find closure through this. You seemed to take care into your response. I am glad for you! I wish I could have closure with a few people who are no longer in my life. I think about them from time to time. I have lost too many friends over the past few years and I am still hurting from one I lost only about 3 months ago, if even that. I am glad you received an apology from this guy. I wish I could receive the same from people in my life, but instead I just pray for them.

  13. This outfit is so out of the norm for you and I really like it!

  14. i love it<333
    new follower:)
    greatings from germany:)

  15. If you couldn't tell by all the comments--this is my first time at your blog and I'm loving it!

    1) I've never had a breakup, but I've always thought that that Kellie Pickler song is pretty much the best way to describe how I would have felt had I ever had a boyfriend. That or "best days of your life."
    2)I was homeschooled too, and I live near Lake Michigan.
    3)And I love how you talk about Anne Shirley with great frequency.

  16. "not as great as he thought you were." haha sometimes it's actually way easier when someone sends back a dumb response like that, good to see a true side of them right away. kuddos to you for going w/ your gut and not getting into that and telling him directly. and now, i love these shorts on you, such a great length, remind me of mine i've been wearing all summer.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda


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